Hartford two areas

Michelle wrote this one, I’ll add some notes at the end.

Today’s SHONE-Spirit Healers of New England adventure was with Paul, Michael, Marian and myself. First stop was Bartholomew Ave in Hartford, CT, where there are many old factory buildings, including the Hartford Rubber Company and the Hartford Box Company. Remote work was needed, as the buildings were closed to the public. Michael was able to gather quite a bit of spirits, and send them to the light, pretending like he was talking on the phone to not call too much attention! Paul and Marian concentrated on healing the energy of the buildings, and Marian, Michael and I, at the same time, found two ghosts, a man and a woman. I was able to get them to move onto the light after some healing energy was provided. I also found a stray little girl that was lost, and was able to move on. Marian did a great job using her heart chakra energy to heal the spirits.

Next stop was Curioporium, a fun occult themed place with many creepy objects to explore. Paul tried to spook us, and then pretended to be writing his book 🙂, while Michael found more stray spirits.

We then went to the Hartford Circus Fire memorial. Paul felt the burning, and I felt the extreme sorrow from the energy imprint. Both Marian and I picked up on the elephants that were still not moved on. I felt there must be more than just healing the land, so I was able to gain more information from the old trees that saw the fire. I was reminded to help send the wild animals that also suffered that day to the light. I also sensed one mother, still looking for her child, and was able to find peace for her. After much time from all of us healing the land, I felt it breathe again, and got a visual of a carpet of pink roses, confirmation of a job well done.

The day ended with a local tasty Jamaican restaurant, and a free sampling of breadfruit. A productive and fun day with the team 🙂

Hi again, my goal was to help Marian develop her skills, the other two, Michelle and Michael could do this easily. So I worked closer with Marian, asking her what she felt, pointing out stuff, and later on overlapping my energies with hers, then Michelle’s energies with hers, then both of us with Marian. The first place we dealt with I felt a cloud of dark energy obscuring the inside of the building, tried to reduce it, decided to go down the timeline to the origin (just after the building was built, when the first occupants moved in) and work there, after that it cleared up. The Curioporium was nicely weird, I saw a sign that they hosted events, but they had stopped, left my card there anyway for the owner, and the interested staff. At the tent fire all of us were busy, working with the animals as well as the people’s energies, plus the responders, with whom I felt an affinity, having been one myself, sending energies back to help people be calm and cooperate to get the most people out.

A bonus for me, knowing more about Marian’s technique to help ghosts move on.