Ghost, stress or medical?

The client wasn’t sure, having anxiety and stress and medical complications, but her mother-in-law thought there could be ghost issues and asked me to visit. Since I trust this mother-in-law’s judgement and psychic capabilities, I responded quickly.

A house in Middletown, the family are the second owners, the first ones built the house, so no historical issues with ghosts. Nothing obviously active on my arrival, so we chatted, there were enough clues to indicate the client had attachments. Recently I had discovered by calling down Heaven’s Light it shows up attachments as darker areas. The client had a black cloud around her head and a tube leading to her back (heart chakra).

Approaching from above, tackling the tube, noticing it was sticky; it clung to my hand and then extended up my arm. No worries. I used its sticky nature to pull on, slowly pulling it out of the client, while boosting Heaven’s light within the client, to make her less ‘tasty’. It worked. Protecting the hole in her aura with my auras, I followed it, down a well. Talking with the ghost, she had been accused of ‘witch’ like activity because she had been unpopular in town; she had been attacked and thrown into a well. She survived the fall but could not climb out and drowned. I overlapped my energy fields and agreed with how she felt, how badly she had been treated. After a while I took her up and we met a Guide, not a friend, the ghost didn’t have any, however the ghost had made it to Heaven! (Despite what the locals had said about her). She’s got a room of her own to work through her issues before socializing with the rest of the Higher Spirits.

Healed the auras, noting that the innermost one was fragile.

Next, the black cloud. Felt it was ‘distracting’, felt pulled in to it, so dived directly into its depths, found a small dark entity there, it was surprised to see me, everyone else gets distracted further up, stuck there. It pushed me out. So I englobed it, it had to deal with me now. A ghost, I took it on a tour round our Solar System – it wanted distraction, I could do one better. We talked, I took him up to Heaven and a Guide took over, the Guide told me to look after the client.

Now to deal with the stressors. I asked the client to pick the worst stressor and tell me where it impacted her, the left side of her upper abdomen, and allowed me to touch there to feel the stressor. I felt it, and curled up tightly. She recognized the position; it was what she wanted to do in response to the discomfort. It wasn’t enough, I had to pull all of the stress into me, and doing so, found a ghost child behind the feeling, this child had been ignored by its parents and had grown up never allowed to learn. I shared my body with him, so he would know there are adults who like to teach, like to share their knowledge, like people to learn. He wanted a teacher. I checked in with a Higher Spirit, they don’t provide that. Now what? He’d have to do what everyone does, ascend, and then get reborn. I asked if in his next life he could get a family that would teach him. That was agreed and he moved on into Heaven.

Another stressor, upper back / shoulder on the left side, touching, I felt this but a stronger ‘gone’ feeling in the right abdomen. I explained the connections to the client, how no matter how much responsibility she took on, it wasn’t enough, then dealt with the underlying feeling, another form of ‘distraction’. This was some animated energy, slippery, always moving, swirling. I stopped the movement. Had to englobe the animated energy, it was so slippery. There’s only one place to take it, up, to more of its own, I burst out in laughter, surprising the client and mother-in-law, it was so funny, watching the slippery energy recognizing each other and merging.

Now for the problem areas. Bedroom. One female ghost with issues. A Guide showed up, hugged and up they went, no details that a male ghost worker needed to know. On the other side of the bedroom, a male ghost, similar issues, another Guide showed up, “What’s up bro?” type male bonding and up they went too. Bathroom. General feeling of mild unwellness, a place of privacy, but overlapped with loneliness. I suggested this could be an opportunity for people to talk, but then I’ve never been married and spent 30 years in emergency medicine, spent many hours dealing with bathroom events and issues. LOL.