Having trouble sleeping

A friend was having trouble sleeping, there were family issues aplenty, so we talked, first about physical causes, a surfeit of information from an Apple watch reporting on sleep categories, durations and times, but then she reported seeing me a little differently. We had talked about ghosts before, so I asked her how she felt about removing a ghost that had its hooks into her. The answer surprised her. She felt afraid!

She knew she wanted that and had no reason to feel that way. A ghost did indeed have its hooks in her. She wanted to know where these hooks come from. I usually discard the hooks to work on protecting the client, she insisted on knowing their source, so I had to come up with something that would work for us both. 

I lit up the place with Heaven’s Light and saw three connections attached to her, two at the upper back and one to the left side of her face. Filling myself with Heaven’s Light, I found the first attachment at the Upper Heart Chakra, noticing it to be less solid that the usual attachment, maybe it was only recently hooked? Delicately I pulled it out, and then placed myself between them, my back to her back, my aura shields covering the hole left in her auras.

Sending Heaven’s Light ahead of me I saw something in the dark, it had other attachments leading elsewhere, I sensed this was not a ghost but Animated Energy. I englobed it, containing its attacks. Sensing / feeling it, finding it was not malicious, just doing what Animated Energy does, feed. I reassured it that it would like where I was taking it, to more of its kind. It recognized more of its kind and I released it, feeling its joy, not it’s usually emotional energy and it merged and I left.

Washing off that energy, I healed the holes in her aura, and moved a little bit lower to grab the next attachment, it felt normal, easier to remove, and once again I placed myself as a shield to confront the origin of the attachment. This time I felt rage, wanting to harm those who had hurt her – she had been buried alive, sometime in the early 1700’s, the religious people had viewed her as evil. Ghost, existing for about 300 years, had fed off many people, selecting those who in her opinion would benefit from the rage she would induce, to attack others ‘needing it’.

I talked with this ghost, overlapped my energy field with hers, and managed to say the wrong things despite good intentions. I’m so glad a Higher Spirit stepped in to help out. A place was available for this ghost in Heaven, a private place for her to work on her issues, and this was acceptable, we three headed up, the ghost stepped into her room and I left, with a bit more of an acknowledgment, this had been a difficult case.

Back down here I washed my hands and healed this second hole in her aura.

For a connection to be at face level it implies it was new and that the ‘attacker’ was known to the client. It was the wispiest of attachments, needing the lightest of grip to remove. You know the routine, get between the client and the attacker, in this case a neighbor, a weak energy vampire, with feelings of envy towards the client, trying to gain energy (it never works – the vampire can’t use other’s energies) but only draining the victim. I englobed this person, inside the globe it was mirrored, and I increased the light level from above, so the attacker could not help see herself, and she didn’t like what she saw, promising to do better. I left her, and washed my hands, healed this last hole in her aura.

The client suspected who two of the attackers were.

Now to the scene, the bedroom, that’s where the client had felt attacked. Stuck energies. The first connected to every other similar one in every other independent living apartment, stretching back in time, getting fed by each resident, and the next as the residents died. Loneliness was one of the emotions, another was feeling abandoned by family, neglected. I just knew there was going to be a lot of these stuck energies, and I’d have to expand my energy field to encompass them all, I wasn’t going to do them individually. One by one, absorbing, listening, feeling them, the message had been heard, and they faded. Only three done, I’ll come back and do more another time.

Chatting with the client, she now realized how much she had been blocked, able to think freely, not directed by the needs of the entities feeding off her.

She also said I looked different – more rugged. She had seen me with her third eye, seeing some underlying quality that is usually well hidden; I’m such a soft and mild person, trying to do my best to help out.