Getting help, for me

Something’s going on, I can’t use my left hand, my psychic friends tell me I’m blocking something, meanwhile I’m applying all sorts of techniques, both physical and energetic. An Orthopedic and a Neurology doctor are stumped by the unusual presentation.

And then Priscilla gets a message. Here’s her notes:

Hi Paul, It was nice to visit with you today. Here is my write up.

When the Healer is the One Who Needs Healing,
As a spiritual healer I can often sense stuck spirits or energies that need to be listened to and healed so that they may move on.  We, as human beings, sometimes need our own physical healing.  This is a story of reverse gratitude healing.
Paul, one of our most-experienced and loved Healers is dealing with some unexplained health issues. The other night, as I was winding down after  my work day, I started to receive an urgent message telling me I need to meditate and connect now.  Work day messages are very rare for me, so I did.
This was one of the most electrifying experiences I have had as of yet.  As I fell into meditation and began to try to remotely send healing to my very dear friend Paul my guides told me there was more I could do.  I could see this grand room.  It was filled with a beautiful golden white glow. I was told I should reach out to all the spirits that Paul had released from their binds in this realm. They were all in this room. I was told that they were there willing and able to help. It was as if they were all waiting anxiously for the door to be opened. (think stadium doors at a football game) The energy I felt was so overwhelming . I had tingling from the top of my head all the way through my crown, throat and heart chakras. It was as if the upper half of my body was an electrical conduit.  I had an incredible sense of all this loving, healing energy passing through me and remotely going to Paul. All of these spirits had so much love and gratitude that they were so willing and eager to help.  I have never felt such love, warmth and empathy as I was at this moment.  Even now, as I write this I feel the goosebumps.  I don’t think there are words to really convey the sensations.  It was all encompassing. This experience solidifies my belief that there is hope, that we are not alone. There really is a Greater Power that we are all connected to and it is there for us. 
I am grateful for my gift and this truly beautiful experience. As for my friend Paul, I know that he is loved here by many.  He is also loved by many who have passed on.  It is a humbling experience to see and feel such love.  I am honored to be the vessel by which these souls could show Paul their gratitude.

We’re still active doing ghost and energy work, but I’m the passenger more often. Just another learning experience, in progress. Thanks Priscilla, I’m blushing.