Lighthouse Inn, New London CT

Priscilla had been here a long time ago and saw the ghost, a bride who fell down the curved stairs and died of a broken neck at the groom’s feet, and then there was a fire, it took this long for enough repairs to re-open the main level. I asked her to run this one, part of the precepting process to train new leaders. Plus I enjoy being in the ‘back seat’, there in case of problems. Eight of us attended: Priscilla, Michelle, Michael, Anne E, Deb, Missi and Joe, plus myself.

It had been awhile since so many of us had got together, so we talked in the parking lot first, starting to catch-up with all that has happened. Going in, Joe alerted us to 10 ghosts that he had sensed, Michael was aware of more hidden below.

The food was very good, and with nothing to do (hah) I dug into the meal, having skipped lunch. While waiting for the food, some of us checked out the toilets and other dining areas, picking up ghosts, and we were off and running, interacting with ghosts. I munched on, if (when) there was a problem someone would call me in. I knew one particular ghost was not cooperating, he’d be mine.

I expect some of the team to text me with what they did, so far it’s just my notes.

I’d finished the meal, I eat fast, and offered to take on that ghost, they were happy to hand him on. He didn’t want to be involved with those working with him, so I overlapped my energy field with him and waited, slowly understanding, he wanted someone to care, which at this point was someone who would stay with him, his memories were painful and he didn’t like to re-experience them. Bit by bit he opened up and I shared his pain, his loss of the woman he loved. Now I needed to keep aware of what the group was doing, while my ghost’s energies were that of pulling away and disconnecting. So I jumped ahead and asked his lady to visit, which she did. He was blown away, speechless, his emotions surging, too strong, too fast for him to say, but I think she sensed this. She held his hand and up they went.

The group had helped all these ghosts on this and the upper level, only the basement remained and we couldn’t go down there. I’m up, only sensed darkness but it stayed dark when I called on Heaven’s Light. Not good. So I went down there, in spirit. Dark. We knew that. But it resisted my light. I sensed about 6 ghosts down there all afraid of something else with them, but they couldn’t give details. Hmmm. Time for the Stillness technique. If something will not change (the darkness here) then by holding it rigid, immobile and unchangeable, something amazing happens. Everything moves, so rigidity is not allowed. By holding the darkness unchangeable I forced it to alter, thanks to this Law of the Universe. Now I could light a candle. Later a second one. The ghosts saw each other, and there was nobody else, no thing there. Only their fears had kept them hiding, and quiet, so whatever they thought was down there with them would not attack. It was easy to move them out of the basement.

Outside, Michael gathered all the ghosts and moved them on. Well done team.

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