Human energy issues trap ghosts

I got a call from a woman who reported creepy feelings in her bedroom. She was living at her mother’s house and was moving out. The client had nothing good to say about her mother and went into details. Mother was a crack whore who was sleeping with her latest drug dealer, and had been that way while my client was growing up. There was the ‘outward’ appearance which the mother was still holding onto and would be seen when we arrived. Mother of course was not there.

I tackled my client’s bedroom first, finding the first ghost tight against one corner and oddly quiet. Overlapping my energy field I felt a numbness, emotionally and mentally, along with an insistence that she could not leave. Taking her at her word, I tried to feel why she could not move on, but the ghost was hiding from that, so I continued to feel and transform what I was sensing until the ghost let me know she felt she could leave, which she did before I could move her on up.

Another corner another ghost, same, except I told this ghost to wait for me, the ghost would not stay in this room a moment longer so I suggested waiting outside and I’d help her move on after clearing the house, and she left. There was another ghost adjacent, same situation. These ghosts wanted to be as far away as they could be, but were still tethered here somehow. There was a total of six ghosts trapped here, I hoped they would wait for me outside.

I tried to feel whatever was toxic here, as the client reported, but didn’t sense anything.

The mother’s room was next. Nice bedroom, clean, tidy, some pictures of drug icons and generic spirituality pictures. The daughter went straight to one of the drawers beside the bed, opened it, told me she didn’t need to see that, but told me it was full of dildos and other devices. I didn’t move, had no interest in seeing whatever was in that drawer. It suggested to me that the ‘boyfriend’ was not ‘connecting’ with the mother and didn’t please her, only her addiction kept her there. I usually head to the bed to feel the energies soaked into it every night for years. This bed contained two energies, one of feeling lost and not knowing how to extricate herself, the other of wanting forgiveness. I drained both energies, as the forgiveness was tainted with feelings of shame and loathing for herself. There was no guy energy there. Whoever the dealer was, there was no emotionality, he had sex and didn’t care, just slept, not caring at all. My hope was that the mother would notice nothing dragging her back, maybe the possibility of making new choices.

She had a work area in the bedroom, partially devoted to maintaining the appearance of a loving family, energetically stuck. Really stuck. I had to boost my third eye and call down Heaven’s Light, at which point I felt smothered in a bale of white cotton. It would not change. I had to come up with something new. Adding something sometimes works when you can’t remove something. I turned the cotton into a silvery material, making it act like a mirror. That really got a reaction, the mother’s energy didn’t want to see herself, and she tore it away! Since that worked, I tried to modify the actual mirror there to let the mother see how others saw her. Fingers crossed.

Next my client’s sibling’s room. Nothing. Yeah, right, in this house? I don’t think so. I had to go in and out of the room a few times before I noticed how ‘dark’ it was inside, energetically dark, the room was hidden, the sibling would go inside to hide from all the toxic energies throughout the house. So I cleaned out that energy, maybe the sibling would speak up, adding to the cleaner feedback the mother would be getting.

Returning to the entrance / living room, which had been energetically inactive, the client reported her mother would never stay here, preferring to spend her time elsewhere in the house. There were many symbols of a well-behaved, normal family, all visible for anybody coming to the front door. Likely this room represented everything mother was trying to fake, for appearance sakes only, the substance far from this.

I can only hope that by cleaning out the energies that no more ghosts straddled by addiction would get trapped here, and that the mother could face herself and make the changes she’d wanted to make, without decades of accumulated baggage.

No ghosts waited for me outside, they really wanted to get far away.