Creepy feeling in the bedroom, Middletown

The client noticed her cat was behaving strangely, something was bothering her in the bedroom, so I was asked to check it out. With me was one of the newest trainees, Deb.

I find all the new ghost-workers are hesitant at first, so I push them into at least sensing what’s there, and asking for suggestions on what to do.

Deb really didn’t like what she was sensing, sorry, that comes with the job, nobody asks me for help with Caspar the Friendly Ghost. The first ghost was immobile on the bed, like a china doll. Eyes moved but mouth didn’t, perhaps embalmed, the body couldn’t decay, while the soul was still attached, inside. No bodily activity, all in the head, thinking only, detached from the experience of a body but tethered to it.

Deb asked me for the name of the person, I usually don’t connect that much with the details of a ghost’s life, but that’s just me. I blurted out a name, and Deb’s eyes flew open, she knew a Wounded Warrior of that name. One reason is if I get specific details and then someone does research and proves me wrong.

Conversation with this ghost wasn’t possible, Deb overlapped her energy field to feel him and was repulsed, sigh, on me this time. So I experienced Him, unpleasant, coated in some waxy hard material, I pulled down gentle heating from Above to soften it, his mind able to free itself, naturally rising, and soon accompanied by one of his Guides, off they went.

In the chair in the corner of the room, a child ghost, female, guessing about six years old, very chatty, so funny, she took over, and I prattled on like a six year old girl. Deb wanted to know why she was there, the girl had lots of nice things to say about Deb, her cat, the room, and was only mildly perturbed by the adult-sized china doll on the bed who’s eyes moved. I had to interrupt her to ask about her parents, she was so-so about them, so we settled on just a visit, not to commit to handing her on to them. Deb suggested a balloon, and one appeared, so holding one hand and the balloon, up we went, no fears, she liked looking out of the clouds at the scenery as we ascended. Her parents were nearby, hesitant to get close because they admitted they had not been good parents when alive. We arrived at a playground, I’m so grateful that our Guides prepare for us, slides and swings and a colorful toy dragon doll that moved, and other children joined us, the girl left me to play with them. Mom and Dad appeared, standing outside the playground. The girl saw them and went to them, big sigh, they would be able to work things out.