Captain Daniel Packer Inne, Mystic CT

Another lunch and ghost work, this time in Mystic, a really nice tourist town, we went in through the ‘back way’ skipping the center, to easily come across the Captain Daniel Packer Inne. Parking was easy, behind the restaurant. Present were Priscilla and Jade, Anne E, Deb and myself. A really nice early Spring day, I came early and walked across the road to look at the waterway. We might have been the first to arrive, lunch starts at 11am, the hostess rushing to get us seated and talk with us. We needed coffee first, in my case still coming out of hibernation mode. Enjoyed the food and the service, so let’s include their website for the menu and directions. I told the waitress afterwards what we’d been doing, as all of us seemed to be meditating at the table.

I did some research on ghost websites: and and to summarize: a ghostly sea captain, mugs and glasses moving, doors opening and closing, boots heard walking across empty rooms, a child, 7 y.o. girl Ada died there of Scarlet Fever.

As before, we dined first, explored the bathroom during – some activity there, but by the time I checked it out the ladies had moved it on or cleared out the stuck energy. I’d also gone downstairs but the bar room was crowded, so once again it involved calling the ghosts to come to us. Priscilla told me they’d already started as we’d attracted some attention from the ghosts there, and she was right, I’d been too busy talking and not ‘listening’.

Deb commented first, while I was still in the process of calling, the ghosts were impatient. She felt a chill wrapped around her back. I ‘looked’ but the ghost wasn’t attacking, it was really cold, sensing further I got that he was a sailor, their ship had crashed and the ground was icy with more snow coming down and he was wet. I took this one off Deb as she was trying, with my suggestions, but the ghost wasn’t cooperating. Another one took its place, less chilly but apparently there were lots of sailors and others seeking jobs at this seaport. I worked with the ghost, getting to the point where he was sad to leave his wife and two kids behind, he was young too, he hoped and expected his brother would look after the family. Meanwhile I’m hearing Priscilla and Anne E working with two kids and a mother, on the other side of the table (unrelated to my ghost). The second ghost at Deb’s back wasn’t leaving, preferring her energy to mine, she called on some guides to help that one move on. I’d gotten a message from the other ghosts that the one freezing was suffering the most, they were waiting for him to be moved on first.

I took on the next ghost, a lone male, no family, poor, a transient, looking for work at the seaport. He was stuck in many ways, so eventually I just took him up, told him I knew a place where he could get a job and shelter, and Heaven provided a place up there, set to his time period, someone called to him, asking him if he could work and he just slid across and got involved, a wink by one of the Higher Spirts letting me know all would be taken care of.

We were all busy, there was a line of ghosts waiting to be processed, so we each got to work in our own ways. Anne E handed off a male ghost who was completely self-centered. He too didn’t respond, just focused on his stuff, so I interrupted him to say we were going up, no explanation, and started floating slowly upwards. After a while he stopped going on and on and started to realize he could leave that behind, ‘down there’, becoming lighter, less selfish, until he left me behind and headed on up.

The line of ghosts was increasing, all our activity had attracted a wider audience, so we relocated to the parking lot, Deb practicing Michael’s technique, we then worked the healing colors, I mentioned how I hope each trainee comes up with their own method, citing Michelle’s technique, modified for Deb – on a larger scale, when she came up with a new method, we all liked, it was so colorful, but you’ll have to take the class to learn this latest method of moving ghosts on up.

Here’s Anne’s notes:

We had a grand Sunday lunch, with many ghosts in Mystic attending!! We had SO many ghosts that after we finished eating, four of us went out into the parking lot to move them on in groups!! To begin with, Priscilla and I were in contact with a deceased family consisting of a woman, who had predeceased the man, a girl and a boy. She was waiting for them above, but was unable to break into their static position which entrapped the man and the two children between life and death. The children had been abandoned by both parents, the mother who predeceased them, and the father who had run off, back to the sea. The children were fixated with reaching the father. The girl was quiet on her own, but communicated for them both, and the boy, who was younger, was very quiet. He never spoke. Both children were improverished and had died from neglect. The father was enraged with himself. He was self fixated in his anger, in his lack of ability to provide for the woman he had become involved with and their two children. He said he was, ” from the sea, and had returned to the sea.” He felt someone on shore would provide for the children, but no one had! He was outraged with himself and others over the plight of the children.

The man was SO involved in his own state of emotional turmoil concerning his lack of ability to provide for his family that I had to hand him over to Paul ! The children were unable to move on, as their own emotional fixation was centered upon connecting with the father, who was unable to connect with them, as he was deeply self fixated and enraged with himself. He also drank, which was part of the problem. Hoping Paul had some luck here!

We learned a new technique! In boating towns,” a ghost relayed to me, ” these things happened,” referring to the large number of souls we were encountering who were seeking a way to move on! In sea side towns such as Mystic, people came from many walks of life. The social support networks we know today did not exist. Many sought to gain a toe hold on a new life, failed, and died. They were unknown, unmissed, and unmourned. Tragedy was frequent. We were all glad that we could help in some way. Many thanks to Paul Rice for his guidance and support!