J. Timothy’s Taverne, Plainville CT

S.H.O.N.E. is back in action, winter almost over and a nice day to go out. Present were Priscilla, Anne E. and Marian plus myself. I’d done a little research on the place but was just glad to be back doing ghost work as were the others, so we did a lot of catching up on things, the food was good, service good too, a nice feel to the place, so we started ghost work after finishing the food!

Priscilla had checked out the ladies restroom and found a nice feeling there, and as we did the ghost work, that kept on happening. To speed things up, (rather than trying to wander around a busy crowded restaurant) I opened up my energy field and called to all the ghosts to come to our table.

A female ghost arrived first, standing between us, which put her in the middle of the table, it didn’t exist for her but it looked odd, then an unhappy male stood behind me, and a family – husband and wife and two young girls. We divvied up the ghosts, I picked up one comment from the littlest girl beside me how much Marian fascinated her.

I worked with the lone guy, sad, his wife no longer with him, coming to the taverne for company and some consoling, but his male friends weren’t much help, unskilled in such tenderness. The taverne was the social center, where else could he go? I took him up to rejoin his wife who met us on the way up, now more feelings, the joy was too much, he couldn’t let it all in it was painful too! She took over and I came back to do more work.

The lone woman had approached Marian, almost face to face. The little girl also came close, holding on to Marian. Marian was able to help them both move on, with Priscilla involved too, I hope they write so I can add their details. Anne E also used her training and got the family to move on. We all talked finding how much this place was filled with loving energies.

Here’s Anne’s notes:

From Anne-enjoy!! Today SHONE met at J. Timothy’s in Plainville, CT. Gorgeous weather aside, the ghosts were as active as ever! Paul, Priscilla, myself and two other Shone members had a tasty lunch, with 6 ghosts in attendance, another below us in the basement, and another at my left shoulder! The ghosts present were part of their era, and gave expression to the social opinions of their day. A female ghost standing at the center of our table remarked on how well behaved the men of our day were while in the tavern! Then, noting that since we women were all wearing pants, that must account for it! A man standing in back of Paul had lost his wife, and was still grieving. Paul got him to move on, and noted that when he encountered his wife again after such a long time apart, the man had several emotions occur to him all simultaneously! (note: Anne writes of two other SHONE members, one is my friend Abby who I’d invited for lunch, she had attended a SHONE event at Wadsworth Athaneum, but isn’t a SHONE member, fyi).

Priscilla replied to this with: Yes- this was such a fun experience. I could really sense the atmosphere of that tavern long ago. I also sensed that in the basement was a room where they would usher in those that drank a bit too much and needed to sleep it off. Great food. Great company living and spirited. I felt like I went to a party or a night out.