Remote work, out of state.

Michael, who started me on Ghost Work, called me up to ask me to do some energy work at one of his friend’s place in St. Louis! He’d done the ghost work but had to repeat it, there was a portal at the scene, the ghosts and other entities would keep on coming, could I close it?

I call the friend, Amy, and got the local news, then asked her to send up an ‘energy’ searchlight into the sky, I picked a color that would stand out, and went out-of-body to the area, easily saw the light and headed down to do the work. Instantly felt a presence there, dark and unfriendly, but it didn’t attack. This has become a routine now, but thinking about it afterwards, there’s one more step to add.

The entity was willing to go back, so I englobed it, that’s more ‘comfortable’ for the entities, and slid down the portal. I can traverse it and not go through it, a different technique, for when there’s been trouble or I’m being cautious. Out the other end, most other places are darker than ours, and set it free. Then it changed form into a spidery shape and attacked, spat something at me which penetrated a couple of aura layers and it raced away.

No other threat nearby, I removed the hook and discarded it. Tuning into the energy frequency of this place, I returned through the portal to then create a Shaman’s web set at the same frequency as the other place and cast it wide, netting a bunch of entities that had come through. They were ok with going back so once again I went through the portal and released them, none attacked, none changed shape.

Closed the portal, if you want to know, take my class. Cleaned out the energy of the place, found another hook in the client and removed that, then energetically cleaned out her auras and helped them heal.

There’s more, and every class refresher I teach the latest stuff to the graduates. There’s always latest stuff.

Checked in again by phone with the client, she had felt the energies lighting up her place and it all felt better, then checked in with Michael to update him.

By the way, coming up is the anniversary date of that first Open House for Ghost work, hosted by Michael, and the Greater Hartford Paranormal Society (now disbanded) on March 6th 2010.