Dining out and ghost work

One of the new ghost class members got her feet wet today, Deb had eaten at a posh restaurant and had to use the bathroom, no, the floor was dry, but energetically it was tilted and some presence was there, something needed to be done. She called me, and I invited another of the new trainees plus Priscilla to lead, after all, it was the Ladies bathroom.

An hour before the rendezvous, the other trainee backed out, but Priscilla brought her daughter Jade, who has some talent at this but usually doesn’t get involved, so we were still four for the table.

A quick check, the anomaly was still there. We ordered food, caught up on the latest, dined, the food was very good, and then Priscilla and Deb returned to the bathroom. I checked the Men’s room which was adjacent, felt some overflow of energy but stopped at that point, not wanting to detract from their experience.

When they returned, Deb was glowing, really happy, she’d done ghost work and it had succeeded. Well done Priscilla for leading, and maybe helping, as they didn’t give me any details. I went back to the Men’s room, energetically empty, they had indeed done a thorough job. I can nearly retire, I just want Priscilla, and Michelle too, to teach the class and they will be at the same level as me. Except I keep on learning!