More goings-on at a business

I’d first visited this business in early October last year (see Ghosts and other phenomena at work on 10/8/22) and revisited it in December, I was back again, invited to ‘family night’ (and to do ghost work LOL). This time I was joined by Mary-Ellen, a psychic friend who has not taken ghost work training, but every psychic has talent and hers counted.

A woman had reported activity in the bathroom, she was in one cubicle, the door to the other cubicle was rattling violently. Staff had locked that booth, but after Mary-Ellen had checked to see the scene was clear, we entered. A quarter coin sufficed and we were inside that cubicle. As I did the work I told Mary-Ellen what I was doing (not how, that would take too long). I touched the door, timelined to the shaking and grabbed the ghost. My first attempt outside didn’t work – the ghost was on the inside. With Mary-Ellen adding descriptions of the woman and her emotional state, it echoed my sensing her fears, someone was outside who had attacked her, and was likely to repeat, there was no safety, not even in a woman’s bathroom. Taking on her fears, we were able to talk a little, but that’s not what she needed. She needed friends, lots of them, to shield and hide her, insulate her from this man. Female Guides and Angels came down, wrapping their arms and wings around her, blocking me out too, but that was fine, she needed women and I’m a guy. Up they went. I took out the stuck emotional energy afterwards.

There were three energy locations on a walkway that led to the company gym. The first felt like my head was getting pulled up. That wasn’t the problem. It was the animal trap attached to my right leg. Mary-Ellen filled in the details, a Native American woman had been caught in an animal trap set by white men. Her leg was broken and a mess. The men showed up and killed her. After healing her, a Native American male, some feathers so not chief but had some standing in the tribe came and took her up to the Happy Hunting Grounds. The second energy center I’d walked through, not noticing, but Mary-Ellen sensed it. It was when the men saw her and discussed what they were going to do. (No knowledge of first aid let alone securing a badly damaged lower leg, and she was an Indian, to them, not a person). The killing blow was fast, only one needed. I had to absorb her sudden peak of fear as she realized what they were going to do. Not my place to judge the men, that was ‘normal’ back then, maybe. They were already dead and dealing with it.

If you read the original ghost work here, there was a lot of Native American activity at this site.

The final energy center was blocked by a large guy, in pain, actually leaning on me, really heavy, and was not impressed with puny me. He’d been in a fight with a bear. So stupid to think he had a chance, he had a killing wound in his left abdomen and multiple claw marks higher up, even on his face. No wonder he was leaning so heavily. He didn’t know he was dead. After I healed him, he raised his impression of me ‘you’re not so bad for a little man’, not one for compliments I thought. We argued, he still didn’t think he was dead, so I took him up to Heaven, and there were all his buddies waiting. They’d take care of breaking the news to him.

Many thanks to Mary-Ellen, I knew she’d be helpful, she was more than that.