Attacked in Meriden

Michelle and Sharon responded to a request for ghost work, did a nice job, but months later got a call saying something was still touching her at night. They rolled it over to me, I asked Sharon to accompany me and we responded, Sharon gave me the background before we entered the house.

The client had moved out of her bedroom and was sleeping on the living room floor in an attempt to avoid getting touched. My guess was that the client had holes in her aura tempting the ghost or other entities to return. I had Sharon start and she found numerous issues, and not just chakra related. Her right knee had stress at the Solar Plexus and Sacral aura layers which I interpreted as her being blocked from responsibilities she had to effect changes and deal with family issues. Just reading it helps to reduce the stress level, helping a client to face it, plus verbally describing the issues helps the client to target her energies. Sharon worked with the chakra issues to relieve those pressures. Sharon also found something at the left hip level but left that to me. I got the message ‘(something) at the hip’ and then I found the attachment, proceeded to remove it then heal the holes in the aura while explaining to the client what was going on, something had been feeding off her.

Next we dealt with the areas where the client had been touched, high up on the back. Sharon first, she timelined to the last attack, grabbed the ghost and returned to now to get into conversation with him, her energy field overlapping his, getting a better ‘feel’ of his reactions. The ghost did not know he was dead, was an immature young male, no longer a teen. He saw nothing wrong with touching a female. I could see Sharon was channeling his attitude by the tone of voice while the client asked questions. Once the ghost was told he was dead, a whole new set of responses, as it slowly sunk in. One of the ghost’s friends showed up to assist and Sharon was able to help him move on up.

My turn next, the second ghost knew he was dead and was targeting the client, finding some weakness in her that he could use. I took him up to Heaven where his darkness showed clearly. Now that he knew Heaven really existed, he presumed Hell did too and he didn’t want to go there, he started apologizing, and one of his friends showed up, the more regrets, the more friends arrived, his darkness diminished, and once light, I let him go, left him to continue the work to move on accompanied by those that cared for him.

There was something else which I didn’t recognize, it covered her entire upper back and wasn’t a person. She said she’d been in a cult, and now it made sense, this was some faceless group that still hooked onto her. I started to drain its energy, redirecting it down into the Earth, and some faces came into view then faded. Doing this faster I englobed the whole cult and took that down, finding faces behind the faces, noticing some were panicking and heading upwards to be joined by a Guide. Eventually there was only one face, the man behind it all who told me he hadn’t intended the results, had hoped it would work out, but had not intervened to stop it. I took him up, left him with Guides up there to continue the work, now that he could see the consequences and was starting to repent.

We worked a Queen Nefertiti Headdress technique on the client to clean out any residual attachments and had the debris sucked back up. All done for the client. Now the house. As there were others living here, we called down Heaven’s light on the house and saw the problem areas, I cleaned the basement where animated energy wanted to be a little child, protected, and was influencing the people there to feel the same, we both found and cleared stuck energy. Job done. Fingers crossed.

Here’s Sharon’s notes:

I’m not very good at writing these posts, but here goes. Paul and I went to a home last night. The individual said something was touching her inappropriately. I found a male attached to her. He was harmless, was not aware he was dead. I moved him on, Paul dealt with much more & he can explain better than I. He found an attachment & pulled it out out of client. In checking her aura, I found something by her knee area, back & Solar Plexus. Paul found another spirit attached, older & dark. This was the inappropriate spirit. Eventually Paul was able to move him on, he did apologize. There was also something more attached to the back area. The client indicated she had been part of a cult about 4 or 5 years ago. Paul separated this attachment, he placed himself between the client & attachment & worked with it, it was a group of beings, Paul collectively gathered them & was bringing them downward, some were jumping ship, fear of going below & others began to ascend upwards to heaven’s light. Again Paul can better explain this. We checked clients aura again, all clear. Found some lingering spirits or energy by scanning the home & placed the energy elsewhere & moved it on. Client & the home we’re good when we left. Thank you Paul.

I was very impressed with Sharon’s work, she’s done her homework and knew the routines.

The next day I got a call, the client is still worried, so I’ll schedule a training session on Shielding and other techniques to block attacks.