Cromwell Hillside Cemetery, CT

Crystal needed another video for her ghost site, and it was getting late, so we headed to my local cemetery. I’d seen it many times but never gone inside, it sits next to the road so access is very easy, just a chain link separating it from the road.

As I usually go to cemeteries during daylight, I was surprised by how many lights there were. I’d seen these lights next to paths leading to front doors of houses, powered by solar-power. A very nice touch. Plus so many Christmas items with the flowers, only days to Xmas. We headed to one such area lit up the most, at the back, no ghosts, but very pretty.

The one closest, lit up did have a ghost and spoke with Crystal, responding to our questions. Female, only 56 years old when she died, presented to me as a grandmotherly type. Maybe that’s why she was a bit cool with me. She couldn’t or wouldn’t answer why she was outside at night, in a field. She didn’t know she was dead, I didn’t tell her, see, I can be nice. A little more conversation and then I suggested going indoors, I knew just the place. She held my hand when I asked, and up we went, arriving this time at a door, I knocked, and inside were some friendly faces and a fire going, looking warm and friendly, she recognized the folks and in she went, they waved thanks to me and I left. How nice to transition into Heaven this way, fitting in with her current knowledge.

The next two lit up places were empty, no ghosts, but by this time we had attracted a crowd of ghosts, and they were getting impatient. They knew where they wanted to go, so I asked them to form a circle, holding hands with me, and I used some guided meditation similar to Michael’s method, and pulled them upward, a couple had some baggage but left it behind when I asked, then we were joined with a bunch of Guides, staying outside our circle but nevertheless helping, and then we arrived, some sort of fair going on, and the Guides led them in, to join in. Not the usual open area with one or more Guides waiting, it made a nice change.

It was getting cold, and late, I could easily come back and help those unable to walk or join us, to make their way up.