The Beaufort Arms pub, Wales

I went home to visit my aunt and celebrate my sister Bev’s birthday. She owns a pub/inn/restaurant. Before owning the current one, The Clytha Arms, near Abergavenny, her first pub was The Beaufort Arms. She left there 30 years ago, I spent a Christmas there. We happened to be driving nearby and went to check it out. It had been abandoned about 25 years ago.

There was a small truck parked next to it, a couple of guys inside, we chatted and they left. The place looked abandoned, all windows boarded up, but circling around the back I found one window had been smashed so that a person could get inside. I wanted in, to check for ghosts.

My sister wouldn’t go in, but wandered into the adjacent cricket field. The place was a mess, so I straight away called out for any ghosts to come to me. One answered. But she stood off to the side, part way up the stairs. When you find a ghost in an odd position, it’s because they are still seeing the building as it was. I too had stood in that spot, as the stairs turned to go into the kitchen, a fire hazard, my sister had complained to the pub owners, her kids could be trapped upstairs, a fire most likely to start in the kitchen.

The ghost, a woman, had been there before my sister had run the pub, I pointed out the window to my sister and the ghost recognized her, but said, “She looks older”, with a sense of puzzlement. We chatted a bit more then I invited her to go on a walk, to make a change from being stuck inside, and I took her up, a couple of her friends joined us as we ascended and she was now safe in Heaven.

There was some darker, stuck energy in what had been a dining area, once I removed that, I found 6 or 7 ghosts there, and I helped them move on by connecting them with their Guides.

In the bar area, one ghost still lay on the floor, he’d collapsed with a heart attack there. A little bit of ghost healing and he was whole again, and once again I ascended to hand him off to his buddies.

Back in the car with Bev, another small truck drove up, on the back was written Fire Crime Unit. We chatted, not saying where I’d been, He was just there to check on the building, so Bev told him about the broken window after introducing herself as a previous owner of the place.

Coincidences? Was the place finally going to be sold? The last owners per my sister had not done well there, irritating the cricket club members and other locals, who just found a better place to be their local. Had I needed to be there to clean out the negativity, so that it could be sold? Was there a higher purpose at play here?