Hearing people’s voices, muffled

Went to Madison CT to meet with one of the ‘graduates’ of a psychic course I taught, she’d been hearing voices for a while, nothing intelligible, sometimes calling out her nick-name, her husband before his death had told her he was hearing those voices too. Nothing else happening, seems simple enough.

Chatting with the client to find out more, it seemed like the place to start was her bedroom, the voices woke her up at night, but dealing with the emotional energy that was food for these spirits would mean more to the client, that of her recently departed husband who had suffered for a while. Unfortunately she had removed his bed, replaced it, so I only had the other furniture in his room to touch and sense, a little energy in each, that of tiredness and weakness beyond the physical. He had spent most of his time on a day-bed in the living room and that had a lot more of his energy, so we headed back downstairs.

Cleaning the day-bed energetically, feeling his tiredness, a sense of it never getting better, a constant slide downhill, nothing to look forward to. Enough of that had animated some energy which nibbled at my hand, I caught it and cleared out the day-bed, took this animated energy outside and up to more of its kind, it lay limp in my grasp, all futility, I had to push it inside the larger entity, a home for it.

Now to her room, I felt the source was up a nearby stairs which led to the furnished attic. Here was the source, 5 ghosts sitting around, waiting for something to happen, bored, overcome with futility, when each ghost came back after feeding they hoped for some news, anything to entertain or distract them, it was all a waste of time, they had no expectation that things would change, were apathetic, doing never resulted in change. I cleared the room’s energy first, then decided to entertain the group by taking them up there, they enjoyed the view, it was like being inside a cloud, getting lighter, I asked them if they would like to see what it’s like on top of a cloud, and we were there, at the edge of Heaven, and we had visitors, spirits that knew these ghosts, all five were talking, and a guide let me know they’d take it from there. I tried to stay and watch but the guide said no and pushed me back to Earth.

There was still residual energy so I sat in each ghost’s position, experiencing each ghost’s environment – their sensation and emotion, transforming what I could, taking the rest outside. Three flights of stairs, 6 trips, getting a workout. Areas affected and associated feelings: upper back – disappointment with family, nothing ever changed, so sad; upper lungs – no hope, no point in changing anything; legs – tired, too tired to get up and do anything; overweight – too heavy to move around, just wait there, the last was an overall apathy, everything weighing him down.

Not done yet, a closet in that room had some animated energy, I stuck my arm in and felt it chewing on me while it filled me with apathy, no point in doing anything. It would eat me whole if I let it. I walked downstairs and out, took it up to join more of its kind, hungry but not doing anything.

I checked out the rest of the house, it was clean, well looked after, so we chatted about psychic stuff and family and other things, I’d come back if the voices were still there, and headed out.

p.s. After Ascending the ghosts, the client reported seeing my aura as green and large, plus she’d seen some grayish something rising out of me. Nice to know that my psychic class had some effect.

I went back the next week, the client told me one of the ghosts had returned, and commented to her that he felt lonely. It was the overweight one, so I felt his distresses at abdomen, chest, diaphragm, legs, processing them until removed and he felt well, he stood up to stretch his legs and walk about, he told me he was ready to move on, and a guide appeared, done and gone. One extra item, the client hadn’t told me about a dark circle, which had shrunk since last week, that connected with one or more of the ghosts. To find it I filled the house with my energy, tuned in to white light, and there was the darkness, it had come to me. Entering it, processing it, it shrank to a grayness, and inside this a darkness, I was able to clear almost all of it, took the last piece up there to join more of itself.