Pachaug State Forest ghosts

My friend Chris had sent me the following post: about Pachaug State Forest and the ghosts there, he and another friend Missy L, who had come along on another ghost job in Sterling Ct (Possibly a Demon…), were going to do some ghost work there and invited me along. They don’t know how to move ghosts on but are both sensitive. This turned out to be a family and friends event, with Christy, Chris’s wife, (sensitive and talented),  Missy’s husband (also sensitive), their daughter and new-born! plus their friend Cooki. I invited my ghost class graduates and Priscilla L accepted.

Armed with coffee and brownies we eventually rendezvoused with the group in front of Ekonk Cemetery, and walked down the street a little then down a path leading to the ruins, rocks, where a house had been.

But before that Priscilla sensed something off to the side and, driven, headed that way and I followed. Only a short way in, she’d felt the ‘unpleasantness’ and turned it over to me. I felt that a teenage girl had been chased, caught, raped and killed there. I couldn’t identify with the attack but felt empathy for her, enough that she was able to move on, seeking further healing up there.

The house had some residual energies, mostly pleasant, one energy I couldn’t identify and Priscilla helped, naming it as ‘wanting to hide away’, a feeling somewhat close to me, now named, I was able to process it until gone.

The cemetery next, the guys directed me to the far left corner, so I started there, some residual energies, no ghosts, cleared that. There was a lot going on there, so I was soon hitting the brownies, seeking energy for myself, on top of what I could pull down from above. Nothing special, just ghosts and energy. Missi found some snake skins which she gave to her daughter, I was a little fascinated, didn’t hear the guys calling me, they were in the right front corner, standing either side of ‘something’, goosebumps on Missi’s husband’s right arm, Chris reporting sensations on his left arm. I took one step in and stopped, smiled, stepped out, told them this felt like an elevator, and it had been activated by all the ghost work. You know people talk about ‘going to the light’, well there are lights all over the place, left on for ghosts who lack the energy to rise up all the way, all they have to do is enter the lit up area and it pulls them up there. So I stepped back in, just for fun, plenty of energy there, fueled from above.

We’d been invited back to Missi’s place for tea and food, a nice end to our day, thank you.