New stuff happening at a previous site

Check back to “Heavy footsteps, electrical activity …” (February 2018) for our first visit, I got a call from the client seeing someone peering into the bedroom, doors opening and lights going on, Priscilla and I investigate.

We got a better update on arrival, the ghost peering was a young man with a ‘bowl’ type hairstyle peering in through the hinge side opening of the bedroom door. In the hallway upstairs Priscilla quickly tuned into the energy present, me too and we compared notes. I felt the young man was seeking family togetherness, something missing in his own family, Priscilla saw him working his first job on construction, even making a suggestion which worked, making him feel important. Priscilla moved him on. While waiting, I checked out the bathroom and felt a ‘gateway’ often seen as a light by ghosts, a way to pass on up to heaven. I hadn’t felt one one a while and so hadn’t been able to introduce it to Priscilla, so a quick lesson. Also present was another portal but this one drained and pulled, any ghost moving to the light was more likely to get sucked into that hole.

I’ve learned the best way to deal with these things is to enter it, shields up, and find the source. I invited Priscilla to go with me, holding on with her hand, her shields up, I’d do everything. The portal lead to a space with more holes leading back to places here, keep on going, find the source, a dark entity who didn’t like my light, a quick chase then englobing it, a bunch of energy work, with some help from above, and handed off, I was told it was currently beyond my experience level to deal with and they’d handle it. Priscilla sent healing light up all the holes as I sealed them off and returned to here and now.

The son’s room upstairs was next, an energy cleaning, both of us aware the real problem outside in the woods. The daughter’s room we felt something high up, disapproving. The daughter didn’t stay in the room, usually running to sleep with the parents in the early hours of the morning. No ghost, but behind the disapproval another portal, I found something viewing many rooms, reminded me of security with lots of TV monitors, the same process, englobing, piling on light and kindness, this entity reverting to a soul seeking approval, what it saw twisted by it’s own issues, incapable of seeing TLC. Priscilla had followed me in, adding her viewpoint to make this more solid.

Downstairs, the client asked us to check out one room, nothing major, but the feeling that outside threatened, the same view as the son’s room above.

Down to the basement, I checked under the stairs, some residual energy, resentment, and cleaned that away. Priscilla found an energetic tunnel leading out to the woods, we discussed tactics, I’m nurturing Priscilla’s leadership capabilities, we went with her choice to tackle the woods.

We’d found Native American energies last time we entered the woods, Priscilla picked up on a battle occurring there and we both worked to transform and release the energies. I picked up on the attackers, white men filled with hate, while feeling the Indians were protecting their home, Priscilla tuned more into the American Indians. The geographic situation was the high ground ended at the client’s home, any further retreat would be devastating, the line drawn, the men killed, women and children next. Awful. I took on as much suffering as I could, passing it down into the Earth, kept on going. After a while it eased up, nothing yet changed. Forgiveness was needed, not for the attackers, but for the Indians to let go and move on up, and they did, needing no help, rising up, knowing where to go.

I was wiped. I left Priscilla to close the energy tunnel linking woods to inside the house, I was helping by sending her energies of appreciation and gratitude, she closed the tunnel, then told me she’d felt my support.

Time for coffee and cake, we’d stopped for tea and conversation mid-way, but I needed down time to recharge.