Portals and attacks

We head out to Meriden Ct for what may be a tough time, an unknown number of portals, shapechangers and the many attacks draining the client. She has energy talents and lets us know about the main one, so I understand why there’s negative entities so interested in her. Most important is to find and close those portals, basement first. The client hasn’t been down there in over a year, so there’s probably plenty of stuck energies there.

So much to do down there, start in one corner, clearing out the darkness but soon attacked so have to deal with that. It was easy to englobe it, not so easy to transform it, already I was thinking we’d have to come back a second day.  It was taking longer than usual and then it was over. But it wasn’t. The entity had gone colorless, the Light passing through, I could still feel it, still englobed, hiding. Sneaky thing. Not sensing much change I took it up, where it continued to hide. The Higher Spirits there offered to take over and wait it out then deal with it, offer accepted. Priscilla helping with giving light helped a lot.

Two animated energies there, one solid, almost immobile, it scurried around once released up there but the ‘parent’ caught it and pulled it inside, I even felt a ‘thank-you’. The liquid one was large, kept on flowing about and finding the weakest parts of my globe, Priscilla helped by making it stickier so it stayed englobed, imagine driving a large truck with water sloshing around as you move, it was just like that. It was easy to pour out when I arrived up there and found more of its kind.

Priscilla found a baby-like animated energy and took that up.

In the garage area, just a storage place, more stuckness and some moving animated energy, grabbed that and took it up, finished cleaning the residual stuckness.

Our first portal, non-threatening, I went in and felt curiosity, and a vast emptiness, my light not reaching the edges. Priscilla there created beautiful images of flowers and scenes that fascinated the entity living there, it wanted more and was unsure but willing to try having the Light of Heaven shine into its space. It was welcomed up there, a living space attached to the edge of Heaven, willing to connect more.

Outside now, a pair of female ghosts pressed up against me, sensual-like. How was I going to explain to Priscilla what was happening? She already knew, could see them, one dressed in red, the other black, and she reminded me not to be a guy about this. I pictured myself as a Knight in Shining Armor, but they re-imagined me without the armor, so I kept on asking them what was important to them, eventually, and skipping over quite a bit here, they admitted they wanted connection, with family, to be loved. Priscilla meanwhile, partially Italian background understood much earlier than I, had found family that had not yet moved on and called them in and these two girl ghosts joined them and they moved closer to Heaven. Not good enough I declared, and pushed the group onto the edge of ‘up there’. Now I was surprised, there was no-one to meet them. I pointed out God and they did that cross thing and knelt, prayed, doing the rosary thing. As they atoned, Higher Spirits came closer. Priscilla, already in touch with them, told me they felt gypsy-like and undeserving, but they were making progress and I felt those up there would tend to them.

Priscilla took over, in one of their son’s room, holding onto a metal Jesus on the Cross, surrounded by salt, because we were told, it had become tainted. Priscilla and the client talked as she released and cleaned it. The next son’s room was filled with an unusual energy, it was untouchable by the ghosts, and while different felt just fine so I left alone, Priscilla and the client talked some more about related issues, no problems. Their bedroom was also good, there was a religious book there which held significance, Priscilla held the client’s hand to relay what she was feeling and they talked some more.

The ‘man cave’ a modified second garage / storage area was clean.

The client relayed her fears and I took the time to train her on shielding, and while doing so felt one of her automatic attacks in action, very effective. She really liked my final shield, and felt much better prepared, needing practice, for anything returning. Checked out her chakras, gave her feedback, which she agreed with, that’s always nice.

One more ghost outside, we talked, I used ‘Michael’s technique’ and left it in the hands of a Guiding spirit, hopefully it would lead it home.

We’d taken a tea break, now to head to our favorite coffee shop, two cakes for me, I needed the extra. On the way I let Priscilla know I’d be backing off more in the next three ghost works, for her to practice leading, my goal to get her ready by her tenth ghost works to head up our team.