Couple fighting, induced by ghosts

A young couple, together for 8 years, moved in to a house 4 years ago and the fighting started, escalating. The client eventually turned to ‘alternative’ causes and found me, a referral from my favorite ‘bell, book and candle’ store A New Page.

The client described the energy in the house as ‘heavy and cold and miserable’. Her mother had felt ‘bad vibes’ there and heard her daughter say “she’s our’s now”, which the client doesn’t remember saying.

Nice place, lots of stuck energy, and one ghost watching me from a distance. I worked the upstairs first, checked the bed and tuned in to two attacks, one affecting head and upper chest, the other at the third chakra area. One good sign was that the hearts were unaffected, love continued. Clearing the bed, I progressed through the house, finding one ghost in the basement, sitting in a chair, the feeling of that was his throne and we the servants. The ghost maintained that attitude, tried to feed off me which I allowed, to show it couldn’t do that and then I englobed it, so it wouldn’t feed off the client. When I do this work, I always invite the client and anybody there to observe, and I explain as I go along. I’d given the client my ‘go-to’ stone Danburite, to enhance her connection with higher realms.

Instead of my usual pulling in light from above, I chose a gentler touch, pulling in a loving energy, and it worked really well. I became aware of a higher spirit observing and the client was nice enough to let me know she’d felt this new presence through the gem in her hand. The ghost and I started a conversation, the ghost aware of its expectations and influence, then to becoming aware of how we felt about that influence. The ghost was sorry and wanted to move on, the higher spirit took over and they were gone. I’d felt this ghost’s impact on my third chakra area, one down, one more to find.

I was drawn outside, the garage calling to me, just peeking through the window I knew a ghost was inside. Again a chair, the ghost seated, affecting my head and upper chest, the brief conversation turning into an attack so I englobed it to shield the client. It found an opening in me so I had to up my shields while still englobing it and dig out the hook it had in my mind. Thoughts of entitlement and privilege had to be met, I chose compassion rather than an attack, and coated the inside of the globe with a mirror, experiencing the ghost’s attack rebounding, the ghost now feeling how others feel facing its sense of entitlement. When the attacks abated I released the globe and waited, the ghost had learned its lesson, and another guide took it up.

I checked the aura layers and chakras of the couple, removed the effects of the ghosts influences, describing what the ghosts had tried to induce by feelings of selfish entitlement. The client asked what had drawn the ghosts there, I hadn’t felt anything from the house itself, no unexplained trauma or negativity, my guess was they’d moved in , finding hosts they could influence.