House damage, family attacked, part 1

Wallingford Ct, I got a call, the family had moved into a house 5 months ago and since then things have escalated, warped floor, disarray in the basement and a pile of sand appeared there, the family has been scratched, bitten by mites and one daughter had a nightmare of being choked by the Devil, everyone there feels a suppresive force on them.

What was nice for me was that everyone living there was sensitive, so feedback should be good and immediate.

It’s time for Priscilla to lead so I backed off, she jumped in to get a good assessment and chose to explore more before starting outside where an old table had been dumped, we felt the ghost of a young girl 7-9 years old still present, plus her younger brother, and Priscilla moved them on. Priscilla had a message from the girl “Thanking the client for the ginger cookies”, surprising the client for she had only recently made them. Mid-winter, I was glad to go back inside.

Priscilla worked a girl’s room, while I worked a boy’s room, he was the one scratched on the face, and I felt immediately attacked at the head and had to increase my shields. This ghost, a male, wanted to be the focus of attention, it took a while, sharing energy and my body before I could get the ghost to accept what it felt like to be on the receiving end of such treatment, and a little later a Guide appeared and took over, which became the standard for the other rooms. Some stuck energy in the closet, like a squirrel hoarding nuts, for when the boy wasn’t around, cleared out. There’s 2 photos in the Gallery section showing the scratches on his face.

Checked in on Priscilla, the ghosts had refused to move on, so I took over, three female ghosts in the girl’s room, Priscilla tackled the dining area. All three ghosts were selfish, in various ways, responding well to a field of universal love I asked to form, and one by one, each ghost met a Guide who took over.

The dining area was another difficult spot, Priscilla reported many male ghosts, white supremacists and all members of what they felt to be a select group. She tackled the leader first and I left her to it. Wallingford hosts a KKK faction, fyi.

The next boy’s room, 3 male ghosts, one in the closet had a mindset of “mine”, wanting to feel like he owned the boy, and now me, standing in the closet. Same routine, sharing energy and body, getting the ghost to experience being on the receiving end, a Guide took over, and I cleaned out the stuck energy present there. I was glad the Guides had stepped in, this house needed a lot of work. The next ghost standing in a corner of the room felt he was ‘supervising’. This one didn’t take as long, same routine. The son was sitting in the chair where the third ghost resided, which I thought odd until I asked the lad to move and I felt the ghost who exuded a sense of ‘superiority’. But this was a very small fish in a tiny pond, the Guide and then I with some concepts from martial artist Bruce Lee made a change, the ghost wanted to stay superior but in a bigger way! A little more work and the ghost relented, was willing to learn, and the Guide took over to continue the conversation.

Two rooms with ghosts and guides, jumping ahead I checked in with them at the end, high fives from the guides still present.

Back to Priscilla, She’d convinced the leader to move on, and the followers trailed along, ushered by guides, to continue their preparation to stay ‘up there’.

I asked for green tea, and while it was being prepared, Priscilla started a break while I tackled the bathroom, unpleasant GI sensations, an opportunity to practice ghost healing, so I fetched Priscilla and we ran the colors, this was one sick ghost, and after our work, one delighted ghost who was happy to move on, taken up by a Guide.

Conversation in the kitchen turned to my client’s energy practice, and the topic of shielding came up, all the family was present, an opportunity to teach, they learned how to shield and attack, multiple shields, Priscilla of course knew about my favorite shield, when I took on attacks from all present, before sharing it and having them use it.

We looked at the buckled floor, they’d had people come in to look at it, none had seen anything like it before. An oops, I didn’t get to touch it before I left, but I’ll go back some time, the client wants to learn some of my energy techniques.

The basement next, but first some physical stuff. The pile of sand was the result of some creature burrowing below one of the steps leading down from outside, the sand ending up in a pile at the bottom of the steps. Holes nearby, the creature wasn’t alone or had multiple passageways. Holes in the concrete floor, the concrete not that thick, led to a talk about Radon gas and how to check for it, the importance of ventilation in the basement. Lots of unwanted stuff kept there – lots of stuck energy cleared, the client had already intended getting a dumpster and clearing out the basement. Before starting the ghost work I’d used the Ultrasonic detector to listen for electrical activity, it was noisy upstairs, and another device to check wiring, all correct. But the detector didn’t work in the basement and I didn’t have a spare battery, later I shook some wires and it worked fine. While outside we checked the shed, just stuck energy, gone.

The converted attic area, no ghosts, no stuck energy, the grandmother had said there was no issues up there and she was right.

Warming up inside again, I checked the family’s auras, no attachments, some had issues about the throat chakra, I thought it due to the suppressive activities of the ghosts. One lad had issues over the left lower Lumbar area, it felt like repeated stabbing with a serrated knife, and I connected to it, felt a ghost attacking me there. It was raging, would not converse with me, did not transform, I wasn’t able to make a connection, the only point of contact being the knife stabbing. Enough! I took it outside and pushed it down into the Earth, held it there, the ghost knew he was doomed, threw away the knife, but still I waited, a guide beside me watching, he offered to take over, and keep the ghost separated until the Light reached inside him. I warned the ghost I’d be back if he ever attacked this family again. I haven’t been so annoyed with a ghost in a long time. The son wasn’t the only one attacked, the father had matching pains in the same area.

Checked the client’s immune system, checked the two beds where people had been bitten and cleared out the energies stuck there.

Final pass, high fives from the guides, the client and family all felt lighter, we’d spent 3 hours there, usually it’s only two hours maximum.

I got a text from the client the next morning, “Thanks for everything yesterday! I slept straight through the night for the first time in a long while! You and Priscilla are amazingly gifted. I will be in touch! Have a great day!”

Priscilla, when we were reviewing the call over coffee the next day, told me that we have to check the tree at the back of the property – something to do with the group of men she’d moved on, also the client had suspected ghosts had come from across the road from a certain property.