House damage, family attacked, part 2

The client called, much improvement but she still felt stressed and attacked, so I went back mid-week, Priscilla was not available, and I was directed to the energy work room. It was filled by something, and not the usual energy. It was slow to transform, and had layers, removing the first which hit at the gut level, the next caused dizziness and contained much sadness, the third attacking at the head level, I’d spent two hours and knew there was lots more to do, but during that time I’d realized this energy had been created by the client’s energy work, the client new to the modality. It was getting late, I’d have to come back, but before going was there anything else that was urgent?

One of the girl ghosts had not moved on and was lonely, constantly seeking attention from the daughter, and after a little conversation, she agreed to move on up to join her friends.

I discussed the nature of the energies with the client, asking her to spend some time in that room meditating, listening to the energy, hearing what she had created, getting to a place of understanding why it had happened.

We returned on the weekend, but first let me tell you about one of their friends visiting, I’d worked with her at the other ghost place in Wallingford, she’d been observing there. She’d had a diabetic problem and I’d asked her to hold onto my ‘goto’ gem Danburite. She’d held it a long time. Today she told me her diabetic problem had gone away! I offered her the gem again, as a ‘tune up’, just in case and she held it once more. When finished holding it, I gave it to the client and asked her to hold it while sitting in the energy room. Danburite helps one to connect with one’s 9th thru 14th chakras, a hot-line to ‘up there’.

Priscilla headed for the snack room upstairs where the white supremacists had been to tackle what remained, I found a ghost next to the bathroom, a black female and scared, moved her on up. There was stuck energy in the bathroom, a sense of being unwell and that was cleaned out. I was surprised by sensing a ghost at the ceiling, female, she liked to watch! We talked, she missed the physical stuff, and was willing to move on so she could live once more here. We were joined by a female guide, who led her some distance apart from me, citing ‘girl talk’ and I left them to it.

Priscilla had got in touch with the leading woman of the wives that had been left behind when the white supremacist males had gone up. This woman relayed their feeling sorry, not deserving to move on, they did not know how to deal with the current equality between men and women today, but they did like it. Priscilla called upon a guide to lead them up to a place where they could all learn and work through their issues, to prepare them to move on. She also told me it had wiped her out dealing with them.

Priscilla went to the energy room to clean that out, and found some ‘energy spirits’ to help with the process.

I felt the warped floor, feeling moving water energy, what felt like a growing tree root, but that couldn’t be, outside the effect occurred 2 feet above the ground. That room was an addition, I checked out the basement but it didn’t extend under the addition. The addition rested on supporting beams. Above the warping was an air conditioner, my guess it leaked, the water soaking into one of the beams, affecting it, making it swell, buckling the floor. The family knew they’d have to pull up the strip wood flooring anyway. Perhaps they’d have to replace a supporting beam, and replace the air-conditioner or attach a tube to direct the condensation outside.

The ‘cotton’ outside was a synthetic fiber, no obvious source, some bits had spread to neighboring houses, no more than one per house. No ghost of an idea, maybe some animal had got inside the padding of a piece of furniture?

Checking on the client in the energy room, it did seem clearer, but she told us a young male ghost was there, a child really, playful but hurting when wanting attention. He wouldn’t move on. He didn’t want to talk with me, only with the client, so she relayed his responses. I hit upon the idea of finding another place to play, he like that, so I held one hand with the client, her other hand with the boy’s and I guided them up there, to a play space. The client burst into tears! She realized she didn’t want the boy to go. A guide helped us out, drawing the boy to the more interesting parts of the playground, he’d stay, we could visit, he liked that.

Time for tea, it hadn’t taken us as much time but it had been intense. While listening to the conversation I remembered the client had mentioned her mother had felt that stabbing in the left lumbar area, which meant the guides had not kept the ghost, he still had free will and was exercising it. I extended my aura and found him, but he had changed, for a start, he didn’t attack. He liked who he was and his values and wasn’t about to transform. I quietly discussed with him, eventually asked him his idea of heaven, it was like here but better, so I offered a visit, not forcing him to stay, and he was blown away by the love there. He started to speak and a puff of blackness came out of his mouth, three times he spoke, three puffs, and he realized his values and thoughts had been less than loving, this he would have to re-evaluate. Guides were there, willing to continue the discussion and he agreed to stay.

We’d missed a bathroom, just some stuck energy, fresh stuff, showers are often a place for a better spiritual connection, someone had dumped unwanted energies there, cleared away.

The tea was delicious, but there was one more place to work, the grandmother had something in her converted attic living area. Priscilla was wiped and stayed in the kitchen to continue the conversations. Male ghost, late thirties, keeping grandmom company, somehow connected. We had a long conversation and the client suspected it was her dad, who’d died, had addiction problems. He felt disconnected from his wife’s growing older, growing wiser, fearing a permanent separation of death, unwilling to accept his existence as a ghost. I offered a trip up there so he could learn what it is like to connect in spirit, he accepted, a very helpful guide met us and took him back down to look in on his wife in the here and now. He liked and agreed to move on. I commented that addiction is a ‘connection’ problem, he’d stayed around because of disconnection, a.k.a separation.

The client let me know she wants me to teach her how to do what we do, I’m working on redesigning the course so it’s not so much a crash course, 5 chunks of three hours, I’ll set something up when it gets warmer.