Return to a crime scene to check if a ghost there.

I’d been a paramedic, and one call I can’t forget was a murder scene. The staff there were freaking out, gave directions and left us to go find the storage room. The person was dead. The crime never been solved as far as I know, so no details here.

Priscilla lives at that address and knew which storage room, it had been reported in the local paper. I’d wondered if a ghost was there, too busy that first time doing paramedic things. We couldn’t enter, the door locked.

I extended my energy into the room, no ghost present, no stuck energy either. Down the time-line, made easier as I could rendezvous with the me then, using my energy senses, the person dead, moved there from where the murder had occurred, I had a sense in which direction the room lay. I felt the method used to end the person’s life, and saw a Guide was present the moment the person died, urging the person to move to the Guide (and not look back) and away they went, up there.

The person had gone up, the trauma of passing reduced. Nothing to do for which I was glad. Priscilla present, commented she’d not felt anyone present, nothing to work on.