Quickie, maybe two ghosts

Some new ghost activity at a place I’d been to about 6 months ago, shouldn’t take long so I visited after work, told maybe a child ghost was back and the son had been pushed in the back while walking, someone seen coming out of a wood pile.

But first a daughter’s room, extensive rebuilding going on, just stuck energy, the sense of kids having a secret place. The garage, also rebuilt, had been a storage area and before that a holding room for a difficult boy. The client felt unwelcome there, it was a “Man Cave”, a male had imbued it with anti-female energy, and also stashed his secret supply of alcohol was the feeling I got. But there was more underneath that, a different anti-female energy by the boy, I was told he’d abused the girls in his family. Cleaned it out, no ghosts.

Asked about a wood pellet board slipping and shutting off the heat, no clue, probably just a physical thing, I couldn’t touch to feel it, the burner was on.

Outside I felt the path of a ghost, coming from a few houses down, passing through the wood-pile and returning the same way. Walking around the houses I came to a large shed, whatever had been there before was where the ghost met his associates. Only got a sense of “They were right” with a background of a somewhat disapproving culture. Returning to their house, down the time-line to confront the ghost, a large guy, I wouldn’t let him pass. Facing him down, we agreed that he wasn’t progressing, to do that he’d have to ‘move on’ and get another life, and up he went, that same determination at work. The son had been in the way, the ghost had just pushed him aside and moved on to his meeting place.

No child ghost, just disturbed ground from more construction work, it felt like more animals were buried there, I asked for their souls to be protected before the child had hurt them, and asked the client to smooth out the earth work, treat it like a potential ‘pet’ cemetery.