Buying a house, but there’s a presence there.

My friend Deb is looking for a new home, and liked one particular place built in the 1850’s but both she and the realtor Michelle both sensed something there and it wasn’t pleasant, so she called to see if we were available and scheduled a time for the realtor to let us in.

Nice place, and yes there was something there, many rooms affected, and it was also affecting Deb, making her dizzy. We were given the tour of the place and Priscilla and I split up to deal with the stuff.

Priscilla had found an energy field on our first pass and I tackled that, a feeling of sadness, heaviness. I felt that a decision had been made, that would affect the family for the rest of their lives, and that this decision belonged to just one person, the Man of the house, as was the convention during those days by a religious family such as they were. It was on his shoulders only and the family would accept whatever he decided. It was accompanied by a pain at the left Iliac Crest – Lumbar border, close to the spine by myself and Deb – the potential new owner, and by Michelle on her right side – as this affected someone else, not her directly. I’ll write a post about body matching sensations to explain further some other time. Staying with the experience I understood that a disabled child had lead to this, to include this child in family life would lead to a rejection by the society, viewing the family as damaged, to shelter and limit the child to inside the house would allow the rest of the family a normal life. Much later, I still had that ache and stretching wouldn’t relieve it. I tried a meditation/technique and that worked, and texted Deb and Michelle, Deb still had the ache and it responded to a guided meditation over the phone. Something had tried to sink its hooks into us.

Back to what the Man of the House had gone through, a tough decision, but not a strange one during those times. There was no ghost in this room, just the stuck energies created when making that decision. Those energies appreciated my understanding how it was. When I responded “Let’s ask the child”, an end to the not knowing if this had been for the best could now be found.

While looking for the child I came to one bedroom, saw that there were two beds, recognized that this was symbolic of what had occurred to the parents, while they only had one bed, they slept apart, judging themselves as having done something sinful to have a ‘damaged’ child born to them. They still loved each other and led a good spiritual life and cared for this child, I would find him and learn how he felt about it. This energy had remained, affecting the next family living there, so I cleaned out that energy so it would not continue.

There are two converted attic rooms, in the lower one I found the child, he wanted to know if I would play with him, I would, and overlapping my energy with him I sensed he was a Down’s child, and while having a limited awareness was joyful and curious, loved to look out the window and watch the deer and other animals, and went out there with his parents when nobody else was around to see him, he was a good kid and felt well looked after. He liked feeling like an adult, me, and wanted to know about play time, yes, I have weekends and evenings and yes there is plenty to enjoy plus that of being an adult with responsibilities.

I got in touch with his soul to find out why he’d chosen such a life and was told it wasn’t about achieving anything with this life but for the lasting effect of increased compassion on his future lives. I felt a sense of relief by the father, his question answered, the child had a good life, the decision had done no damage to the child. I asked the child if he’d like the chance to lead a normal life and become an adult and he did. I felt the presence of an Angel, more powerful than a Guide, and the Angel was looking at me, or rather at the child still in me, and I urged the child out and he held the Angel’s hand and off they went. Wow.

The upper attic room was where the child was kept when they had visitors, he was a good boy and kept quiet, he like this room too, he could look out the front and watch people passing by from here. I took out the little stuck energy here, more from the parents who felt they were locking him away. You could only access this room from stairs which folded into the ceiling, in those days they had something else but the effect remained, no-one could accidently wander around and find him.

There was a small nook that had some spiritual feel to it, but included was a sense of judgement. I tuned in and separated out that judgement, responding that what had happened had been challenging, there had been no easy solution, there would not be any pass/fail, it had been a learning experience not one of testing, and they had gained more compassion from this.

Meanwhile Priscilla had been doing her thing, she is more aware of a connection to Earth than I, and Deb and Michelle had kept her company. It’s all part of her development as a ghost worker, if she needed me I’d help, but she didn’t need me.

Both Deb and Michelle (and Priscilla of course) could feel how much lighter the house now felt. We’d run out of time, realtor Michelle had to go, we’d come back if Deb bought the property and there were any ‘loose ends’.

p.s. I’d used my ultrasonic detector while wandering the house on the tour, I had no idea the solar energy converter was that noisy or affected such a wide area.

Priscilla and I grabbed some food and headed to our favorite coffee shop Klekolo where Deb joined us, she bought two desserts and we all gulped down our food, only afterwards noticing how hungry we all were, this job had taken a lot of energy. Priscilla summarized the work she’d done, getting in touch with the original people living on that site, American Indians, and how their Chief had been suspicious, requiring Priscilla to take just him up to the Happy Hunting grounds, returning to then take up his leading men, returning and taking up the rest of the men, then the women, finally the children before they all chose to move on, and then finding one more young man so she had to fetch the Chief to get this young man to move on.