Quiet time, found somethings to do

No calls recently for ghost work, but Priscilla and I heard about ghost activity at a restaurant in Berlin, the original report was a year old, but why not, and the food menu looked good.

We went, didn’t feel anything inside, the food was good, I’d go there again. Outside at the back Priscilla felt some good feelings, welcoming and I felt the path a ghost took, it would stop outside to experience those feelings before continuing. Didn’t interact with the ghost, couldn’t find it. Will just have to dine there again, oh yes, and try to find the ghost.

Barbara, a friend who attends the same Medium Development Group over a year ago had told me I need to go to Plainville CT, there were ghosts in the woods that needed my help to move on. Finally took a trip there, had previously marked out the wooded areas on a town map, and chose the two largest ones. Parked on Ledge Road and realized this would need remote work, and, high up, the whole town had lots of trees, and walking through just the two I’d picked would be very difficult, due to the steep slopes.

Remote work isn’t as satisfying as one-on-one, there’s less interaction, it’s like looking across a football stadium to see all those wearing one particular color. I tried one shamanic method, but wanted to develop a new method, and came up with the ‘wet blanket’ method, it helped that it was raining and overcast that day, it set the mood.

Next was Loon Lake Rd., it didn’t help to see No Trespassing signs, so it was remote remote work, sitting in my car, not even going into the woods.

Hope I made a difference, as I wondered, once again, am I imagining this. No pets or children to confirm ‘something’ happened, no sensitive people around to say ‘yes, it feels lighter’.