Heavy footsteps, electrical activity, 3 ghosts, 1 not talking

An opportunity for two of my students, Priscilla and J B, to get experience, we show up and get a report on what’s been happening. Two Grandparent ghosts plus one other not talking, one teenage son had been unwell and the client felt the grandparent ghosts were getting attention for the son. Plus different sounds of heavy footsteps, in boots, plus a light / fan flickering. They had the electrical system checked and it was fine, called in Karen Hollis, psychic, and the group she belongs with G.O.N.E.R.S. which confirmed what they felt. But the ghosts were still here.

I had the students lead, feeling their way, so to speak, accompanying and confirming their new experiences and sensations. We cleared out stuck energy, and Priscilla felt the first ghost, with a feeling of sadness. A Native American, we worked through the emotions holding him here and both the students called in guides and off he went to The Happy Hunting Grounds.

The other ghost in the basement was Grandfather, there to protect the son and family. Upstairs was the Grandmother ghost, looking after her daughter and family. Cleaned out more stuck energy, the students picked who they would help move on, Grandfather went first with JB’s help, Grandmother, after a tearful goodbyes scene moved on with Priscilla’s help.

The fan / light gave mixed messages, but that was because the fan was positive, but Priscilla couldn’t reach it, touching the globe at the bottom of the light / fan chain. When we touched that, there was an awful feeling of Envy. Result – the globe had to go, into the trash.

Plus there was an energy vortex connecting the three floors near the front door.

Feeling good, but wait! What about the footsteps! Turns out another ghost had visited, to alert the family, as the Grandparents were such nice ghosts they couldn’t disrupt that much, they’d asked him to help. He’d come looking for something and couldn’t find it, related to one of the previous occupants.

Feeling good, but more to do. The client reported some remaining unpleasantness in the basement, this involved finding the item, a trip down the timeline, I’d had the students try timeline work in class, but this needed experience. The relic, no longer there, glowed fiercely, and breaking through, saw an old photo in an oval frame, a revered ancestor. But the ancestor had not been a nice man, he’d been cold, callous, valuing money over everything else, really unpleasant energies, took multiple cleanings to remove, it had left residual energies through to current times.

Are we done yet? No! The client had been attacked, pushed on the stairs to the basement. I had missed the nook underneath the stairs, and there was an awful feeling of anger, underneath that, mischief. We drained and cleared out the energies. Done?

Finally, job done. Well done graduates Priscilla and J B. Thanks to the client, she and a friend had provided sensitivity and knowledge to guide our work.


But wait, there’s more!

Returned to the scene a couple of weeks later, the client still heard footsteps, the light in the son’s room flickering whenever he’s there. My students weren’t available. This time, the son was there, checked his aura and chakras, read his palm, he takes on all sorts of issues affecting others, so it was more of a discussion on how to handle those energies, nothing needed fixing. The footsteps were due to a child ghost, running to find his parents, no longer there. Helped him to move on, we met his parents on the way. The client confirmed by now mentioning it sounded more like scurrying and it was a lighter tread than the first set of footsteps. Some more stuck energy cleaned out, a trip outside and interacted with a nature spirit, found an electrical circuit that was very active but it wasn’t labeled, something for an electrician to follow-up on.