Family hurting, need help

“Please help, everyone’s hurting” and they had good reasons to call, 6 male ghosts outside, all with similar emotional issues feeding on the family, plus one sick male child ghost in the basement who had hurt and killed animals, their animal skeletons found in two locations when construction occurred, repairing a wall and the basement floor, one girl ghost hiding (from all those hurting male ghosts in addition to her own stuff) inducing fear and chest palpitations, anxiety. Plus two animated energies created from a need to defend herself, a sensitive daughter.

Plus an aura check, so anything new couldn’t just step in and take the place of those ghosts moved on. No holes, everyone informed of what emotions and thoughts each ghost was inducing.

Bonus, everyone was sensitive and reported seeing and feeling the lightening up as each ghost moved on. The sick child ghost was taken up, to a place of observation and rehab until ready to interact with everyone up there. The animals were healed and set free in a park up there.

Follow up conversation – the cats are exploring the house anew, much more active and free to roam, my thought – no more scary ghost in the basement that hurts animals.

to be continued … ! (see ‘Family hurting, more to do’ Feb 2018)