A little girl can’t sleep through the night

Returning to a home where a “witch” had been seen by a little girl, no more “witch” instead a man. She wakes up every night and seeks out Mom to go sleep with her. The previous time I’d been there many years ago I’d thought someone was buried out back, but as they weren’t a problem I did nothing about it.

I felt called outside, lots of activity in the woods but not affecting this house, something to do when the temperature warmer and the ground dry. Something was in the shed and there was a path away from it but not pointed at anything in particular. Inside the shed a ghost, the primary feeling of sadness. As I experienced it, asking why, I felt inadequacy, being a failure, then a picture of a feathered headpiece, not a lot of feathers, this was an Indian, of some stature in his tribe, sadness that he’d not died in combat, instead died an older man, his tribe slowly being crushed by the “white man”. I continued to pull his sadness into me, he missed his loved one, the comfort he got with her, missed being useful, being respected by his tribe. He felt he didn’t deserve the “Happy Hunting Grounds”.

And then I got the chills, an awesome energy filled the shed, two presences arrived, I hadn’t called for them, two Indian Chiefs in full regalia, and oh so powerful. They talked with the ghost, told me to turn around, what was about to happen was not for me, for “a white man”. So I turned around, heard them chanting, knew they were painting his face, honoring him, going through the ritual that made him a Warrior, qualified for the Happy Hunting Grounds. So happy and they were gone.

A little bit of cleanup on stuck energy, a ghost cat had kept him company. Now into the house.

The little girl’s room … Mom showed me a doll that another energy worker (Tala, she’s talented, I’ve worked with her before) had noted, and I felt it draining me. Not good. I touched the bed, felt her night times, being drained by a ghost, making her feel sad and inadequate, to feed him. Cleaned out the bed, cleaned out the dream-catcher, stuck energy in the closet, filled the room with higher energy.

Mom decided to open up the doll, we found bits of herbs and lots of hairs from different people. Unclean, so bye-bye doll.