Fire Department ghost work

A good friend asked me to investigate a local fire department after experiencing chest pains there plus other effects. He’s sensitive too and suspected ghost activity. Fire houses work 24/7/365 so there were restrictions on numbers, I couldn’t invite my ghost class students, nor could there be any publicity, hence no names on fire department or my friend.

As luck would have it, the particular truck of interest headed out as we arrived, but it left the building empty, except for any ghosts. There was activity in the rec room, and after draining the background energy, found a ghost, even got his first name right, and further questions while I was feeling for response identified the person. We chatted a bit, and I asked him to lead us to a “light”, a passage through to the other side. My friend confirmed it, by feel, an energetic “hole” over the solid wall, and with encouragement, the ghost passed through and moved on.

When the truck returned, I sat in the driver’s seat, where the firefighter had died, and felt his dying moments (without any pain he might have felt), my friend had purposely not told me and I’d not asked, but it matched. I was able to remove the stuck energy so that it could no longer influence everyone who sat there. One firefighter had experienced a heart attack there since the original episode, if I did my job, anyone else suffering would not be from the dying energy stuck there.

One more location had stuck energy, this was where my friend had experienced the chest pain, reproducible on entering. Grounded and cleared. The rest of the firehouse was clear. Two more ghosts may be there but weren’t present when I checked, so I might get called back.

Then tea and cake, hungry work.