Wanda Schiche, Ghost Worker

Congratulations to Wanda, we went to Haddam Meadows State Park for a report of a troubled ghost near a gate. Lia and I had checked it out this morning, Lia taking video and pictures, reported nothing seen on the pictures. Back there after dark, and only two flashlights, we used just one, in case it died and we’d need the other.

Found some stuck energy, triangulated and cleared most of it, reading it as trauma from a military confrontation, a local militia vs. a trained English soldier, fear and anger.

On to the ghost amidst a large area of anxiety. Wanda opted to reduce the energy level first, the ghost came to us, it was losing its food. As this is Wanda’s first ghost work, I interacted minimally with the ghost to keep feeding it rather than have it get the idea to intervene in Wanda’s work. Area cleaned, Wanda communicated with the ghost, getting some good insight’s into why it was here. We were joined by a couple of higher spirits, and as Wanda got the ghost willing to consider moving on, one of the higher spirits joined in the action. Tag teamed, Wanda and the higher spirit moved it on. Well done! Clean-up involved removing 5 layers of emotional energies that had affected people passing through, feeding this ghost.

Then came the Jail, closed up, nasty things had occurred there. I called the ghosts to come out (eight of them) and Wanda used her training to call in guides and move them all up.

Nice work, and we were hungry, we left for tea and cake in Middletown.