Helping a dog move on

Not just any dog. One of the ghost workers, Roslyn, has client-friends who have two dogs, a 14 y.o. and a puppy. The husband and wife and both dogs were involved in a serious accident in Wolcott CT, during rush hour at a known bad intersection. Both humans were taken to hospital needing surgeries, broken long bones and worse, the people in the other vehicle had only minor injuries. The 14 y.o. dog, Bella was killed, the puppy very stressed and now in the care of Roslyn with the thanks of the family.

Roslyn felt that Bella was still there, at the scene, distressed. The sooner we responded the better.

We arrived about 8:30am, found the scene which had of course been cleared up a lot, but small debris littered the area, police had painted to mark the positions of the vehicles, and perhaps I should now mention that I’ve worked in Emergency Medical Services for 30 years and been to many scenes like this. Roslyn has not, and not unsurprisingly was deeply affected by all the stress energies present, neither of us were able to immediately sense if a dog was still here.

My job was to clear out all those stresses, 2 adults in one car, 5 in the other, 2 dogs, all the police, fire, ambulance plus bystanders, all emoting. And because I’ve been there, done that, I could identify each one and individually worked to release them. And it took quite a while. Roslyn did what she could to help.

There was one emotion I had not experienced at a crash scene, that of an EMS person finding the dog, realizing it was dead, checking for that, feeling it was so sad, so unfair that a dog had died here. Roslyn had started to feel Bella was present, and that the dog had been placed on a hard surface (not on the grass at the scene). We pushed on, Bella was here, we would find her.

A woman pulled up into the nearby driveway and came over, she’d known about the accident and wondered if we were family, asked about the people involved. Roslyn shared what she knew, and informed the lady as to what we were doing there. The lady invited us to pray with her, Roslyn did, but I refused, still being in Paramedic mode, I had work to do.

A little while later after the lady had left, both of us felt a dog brushing up against us, it was Bella! Bella stayed with Roslyn, a familiar person to the dog and I continued to energetically clean the scene, only now to reduce its effects on the dog.

We’d talked on the way there about how to move a dog up to Heaven, but Roslyn had a realization, if she combined Her training with Universal White Time Healing with ghost work training … she grew her wings … and I could feel the awesome wonderful energies now in play … and spread them, wrapping them around Bella, and Bella transformed into a large ball of light, and Angels and Guides surrounded them, so I worked to shield them from the eyes of drivers in the traffic that had continued unabated around us, so she could work undisturbed.

Roslyn was thrilled, not only for Helping Bella, seeing Bella transform, feeling her wings doing work, but she now knew what her talent is, knew she could use this in more ways. One more person fully psychic, always so amazing their skills.

Here’s Roslyn’s notes:


Thank you for helping me today to find my method for moving spirits to heaven.


On Friday, April 26, my pet care clients with their dogs were in a horrible automobile accident. Their car had been T-boned on the passenger side.

It was on Saturday, at 11:38 pm, that I came to learn of this situation from one of their friends, who searched me out via messenger.

It was like a bunch in my gut to read that my pet care clients were in the ICU with near fatal injuries. Bella their 13-year-old Afghan Hound died at the site of the accident. Amazingly, Sarah their four-month-old puppy, Afghan, survived, without any injuries. She was taken into the custody of the Wolcott Dog Pound, that was closed until Monday. Learning of these events, we immediately switched to a phone call.

On Monday morning, Sarah came into my care as my foster dog, and will remain indefinitely with until her owners have recovered.

This whole situation is very unsettling. For one more reason, because this week, I had visited at their home on Monday, April 22, to give them a Crystal Layout and Sound healing, which included their pets.

This morning, is April 29, I woke up earlier than usual at 6:30 am, to meet up with my ghost Mentor, Paul Rice. My husband, covered my breakfast pet care assignment for me.

Sarah, my new foster puppy and I connected with Paul at 7:30 am at his home. We drove to Wolcott, CT, to investigate the accident site. My primary hope being to locate Bella’s soul and help her move over the rainbow bridge. I could sense she was still distress, which is why, I reached out for Paul support.

As it turns out, Paul is a retired EMT. His expertise was most beneficial and a huge resource, because his knowledge, skill and understanding of serious accidents aided, us to energetically, unlock what happened within this critical accident site, in a meaningful way. With Paul’s guidance, we were able to start the clearing of the traumatizing, clotted energy that was obstructing Bella’s doggy spirit from finding us. We worked at this accident site for over an hour, using our, eyes, ears, and intuition senses. Always keeping primary focus at hand, to find and to retrieve, Bella’s soul and to help her move over the rainbow bridge.

Halfway through this investigation a female bystander, stopped to inquiry if we had a relationship to the people injured in the accident that killed the dog. She shared how this intersection had a lot of accidents. She asked us to pray with her. Paul remained in EMT mode, while he continued to focused on clearing the traumatic energies, and I took a few minutes to honor this woman’s request. We held hands to pray for all people involved to receive a full recovery.

In looking back at the events of this morning, upon arriving at the site, I had brought Sarah, the four-month-old puppy, who miraculously survived, without injury, to the telephone pole with the street signs. We always remained a safe distance from the intensely, busy traffic.

It in a few minutes Sarah showed her discomfort. With this reaction in mind, keeping her safe, was my top priority, and I took her back to my car to rest. Being a cool morning and with the windows cracked open for ventilation, I knew she would be okay. Before returning to the investigation, I made sure she had plenty of water to drink.

With Sarah settled, my next order of business was to figure out the accident site in relationship to Hartford, to be able to send Universal White Time Distance Healing to my pet care clients in their hospital beds.

As I did this, Paul continued at clearing away the dense traumatic energy.

Next, I walked around, trying to locate Bella’s energy. My first hit was the sensation of Bella’s body being lifted way from the car then, being placed onto a cold, hard, surface that felt like metal. She remembered something cold being placed over her heart, most likely, it was a stethoscope, before she lost connection to her body, as she died. As she detached from her body, she felt scared and confused. She remained close by with her people, seeing everything that was going on. She was thought , “What just happened”. “I am scared”. Since the accident, she has been in a state of limbo, feeling lost, which was what I sensed from the news of this accident.

This was when the bystander approached us and interrupted our work.

As the bystander left, I was able to reset, and returned to sensing Bella’s soul energy, it was still hard to bring her energy close to me. From my mind’s voice, I called out to her many times, “Come to me, I am here to rescue you. I can help you. Bella, I love you”. She was not able to respond.

Then I remembered a technique from my training in Universal White Time Crystal and Gemstone, Level Three, which is, “How to grow my Angel wings”. Being this was my first dog soul retrieval, it may work; it did work.

Here is my report, “I closed my eyes as I stood in the power of pure pink love, focusing on Morganite energy, then, I visualized the activation of my Angel wings, growing and expanding out and up ward, silently reciting my UWTH activation phrase. I did the Golden Movement One, to bring down heavenly energy from the central sun of the Universe and then placed all of this energy into grounding and clearing, the Earth. As I felt my wings come to full capacity, I called Bella again, “Come to me”.

Bella immediately appeared in front of me, in a perfect sit, in all of her beautiful long black fur glory. This is when I told her, “You do not need your body any longer”. She understood. Then, Bella’s soul was set free, as her body began to transform into particles of light and to reform into a perfect ball of pure white energy. My Angel wings encircled this large luminous orb, as a beam of brilliant light descended downward from heaven, lovingly encasing Bella. This connection created the channel for the orb to ascend. Once I felt the tips of my angel wings touch heaven, the orb transitioned, merging with a sense of vast unifications of the whole Divine. For a few minutes I stood in pure white light, feeling a complete sense of peace and calmness. I called my Angel wings to return to normal stasis within my Earthly body.

At this point, I completed the closing ritual for UWTH, cutting all cords, as I saw with my inner eyes, the space around me turn exquisitely purple. When I open my eyes and saw Paul, he said, “Everything felt neutralized”. Indeed it was for me as well.

Now, I can breathe with ease again , knowing, we were able to energetically, locate and help Bella be set free from the trauma of her death and severely injured body. It was an amazing experience to prayerfully, visualize her beautiful soul, being lifted up to heaven in a glowing ball of loving, white light, wrapped within Universal White Time Angel wings.

While writing this report, Sarah is close by with my pups resting.


Back to me … Roslyn had some realizations and more insight into what she did, and sent another text with details of the techniques. I suggested she teach a new course, combining her insights with Ghost work and White Time Healing, and she liked that idea. She had taught lots before so that aspect looks good, I asked her to teach one of the ghost work classes in my next course, as a way to get closer to that side of what she can do. I’m not copy and pasting those details, take her course when she offers it.

One more detail about the work we did there. Once Bella had moved on, I heard Roslyn point out that we could now hear birds. But in her second reply she said that she heard me point that out.