A busy little place in Middletown CT

Michelle got asked to clear out a place and she called on Sharon and I to assist. The clients are familiar with the work we do, and their place was loaded with crystals and symbols and other items to hold whatever is there at bay. They had got used to the energies, but hearing a woman calling out “Be quiet” and other similar comments in the living room prompted them to get help.

We explored the house first, lots to do, including out the back behind the garage. We’d noticed some heavy energy at the top of the stairs, Michelle and Sharon did some clearing, but I noticed this energy had now expanded the area affected, so I tuned in. First thought, the entity was a Gatekeeper. Exacting a toll on anyone passing thru. The cost? A little bit of their energy. I got closer, overlapping, felt that he had the right to do that! Asked why, he replied he’d signed a contract. With the Devil. Show me, I replied, definitely ballsy, must be that recent eclipse in Aries. So a contract appears, lots of darkness, and the Devil shows up too … except it’s not. Feels like Fae. We knew there was Nature influences outside, and this Fae had taken advantage, misrepresenting himself, conning the ghost into believing he was a toll keeper. Fae love to make fun and was not bothered that the game was over. The embarrassed ghost felt really bad, asking what to do. A part of Soul Retrieval is to return all energies taken, so this is what he did, it took a while, he’d been there a long time, but at some point, still returning energies, he was willing to go up. I noticed a hitch-hiker also joined us, but peeled off in sight of Heaven. Our ghost was met and entered Heaven.

The couple have a Wellness room, with most of the equipment from the business they used to run. We all felt something beside the chair, but the ladies left it up to me to clear it. Because of all the crystal energies present I felt any entities would be shielded, less visible, so that I’d have to ‘up’ my game. It was harder to sense it, some animated energy that fed off people’s weaknesses, injuries and the associated emotions. It snuck in before the gems could take effect. So it would seem like the person got better. Temporarily. And would return for another treatment. And another feeding. Grabbed it but couldn’t take it up or down, those crystals had an effect holding it here. Thankfully there were some tingshas nearby, ringing them three times I loosened the grip on the entity and was able to take it up, not many like it up there by the way.

The clients said there was energy at the side of the house, I found it, a weak ley-line, more of a connector to other lines rather than a line for distributing energies. Ley-lines are neutral so I don’t mess with them.

Meanwhile the ladies took care of the energies next to the dining table, a portal plus was there, it had hit them hard at head level, while to me, as an ungrounded airhead, it was only mildly uncomfortable.

Outside, behind the shed, an area ‘resting’ with a tree in it. Michelle said a portal was in it and lower entities used it to enter the area. Sharon agreed. Holding the tree, I got a sense of it being a passageway for everything Nature in origin. Any elemental, sprite or whatever could travel to any other area still ruled by Nature. That lower entities might or did use it, to me, was not a good enough reason to curtail Nature’s energetic lifeforms from using it. I chose, if we were able, to remove any ‘food’ attracting lower entities, so that they would not stay, going elsewhere to feed.

We were treated to tea and coffee and snacks afterwards, thank you, delicious. Before leaving I asked if anyone had dealt with the woman calling out ‘be quiet’, oops, no-one had. What happened next delighted me, Sharon told me and everyone else what I needed to do next, right on. I timelined to one of those times she called out and felt another presence, a male, arguing with her. Their energies came from across the road from a specific house. I overlapped my fields with the guy, stopping him, he was trying to suppress the woman. After a while, reacting to the impact of his actions on me, he started to get how the woman was feeling. Likely all three of us were sharing my energy field. We talked more, and then the two of them talked. Progress, I asked them to continue the conversation up there, they liked the trip. I was surprised when two marriage counselors met us to continue the conversation, but looking back, it was no surprise, I hadn’t helped him or her work through their issues, I’d only helped start it. They had not chosen, yet, to move on, still stuck with their Earthly issues. I wish them well.

The clients talked about possibilities for those two ghosts, they had a handful but settled on one couple and gave us details of events they’d seen. A text from the clients later: Dear Paul, Michelle and Sharon, thank you for visiting our home today and helping us to better understand the energies within our living space. You really have made a difference in enabling us to feel more comfortable where the portal was in our living room and upstairs in the Wellness area are much more settled and enjoyable to be in.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Today’s adventure consisted of Paul, Sharon and Michelle. A strange energy was reported at a home in Middletown, where a voice that seemed to come from nowhere was reported to have said “Shut up!” twice in two separate rooms of the home. There was also a heavy energy felt in the healing office area, even though the owners of the home took great strides to balance the energy. Another person had reported a male spirit hanging out at the stair landing, and yet another wanted the owner to “get rid of the energy in the back of the garage.”
After doing a thorough walk through, The team first decided that the energy behind the garage did not need to be disturbed, as it was a portal for Fae energy. The home was set up with protection by the owners, and seemed to be doing a sufficient job. We all agreed that what was in the house had nothing to do with the outside portal.
We then found an indoor portal that ran from the basement, through the dining room, all the way up through the healing office. The energy felt palpable, as it was giving two of our members a headache, and a sense of heaviness. Sharon and Michelle were able to connect the two ends of the portal and seal it off with love. They then took time to exorcize the rooms and clear the energy.
Paul then took some time to speak to the entity that was on the landing of the stairs, which he called a “gatekeeper”. He felt that the entity was able to take energy from the humans living in the home, as it was a “toll” of sorts to pass through. Paul was able to move him on away from the home.
Paul then went back in time to figure out what the voice was that the owner had heard twice. He concluded that there was a couple that used to live in the home that would frequently fight, and that the voice was that of the woman. The energy of the couple was then moved on by Paul.
After opening up the windows and ringing some bells, the energy felt much better in the home. Both owners walked around without the team, and reported feeling much calmer in the space.