Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford

This was more of a fun day out, the weather lovely, meeting friends. I did a little ghost work but everyone else did more. Present were Priscilla and Jade, Michelle, Marian, Missi and Joe, and Michael. We hadn’t set up a specific meeting point and the map implied the entrance was across from Route 314. Not. The main entrance, huge, is north of that. So we all drove around for a while until finding each other. I was delighted to give Marian her graduation diploma, long overdue, for this is the 20th ghost event she’s attended.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure consisted of team members Paul, Priscilla, Jade, Marian, Missi, Joe, Michael, and Michelle. The energy in general was pretty calm and inviting, and many interesting tombstones were found, including the man who created anesthesia. Priscilla found a Scottish man in turmoil that felt he hadn’t lived a full life, and was full of regret, and Paul was able to talk with him, and move him on. Marian found a ghost child that had really beautiful energy that she relished in for a bit, and was able to transition with Marian’s help. Missi and Joe found many fae traps and portals on the property. Two of the portals are pictured, one hiding in the tree with the “faces” on them, and one in the root system of a dead tree. Both portals had palpable energy. Michelle was able to move on a few groups of lost spirits by using Michael’s technique, making herself a “beacon” of light, and encouraging their spirit guides to help them. Michelle also found a woman who seemed to still believe she had dementia, and a man who had several broken bones, and a broken spirit, as he was killed, and thought he couldn’t move on. With some encouragement, both spirits were moved on. A wonderful experience was had by all. The team then stopped at Rebel coffee to refresh and share stories.

The Scottish guy was a successful engineer. So many Scottish people become experts at technical matters, its become a stereotype. So I talked with him bluntly, finding he responded to appreciation, so I took him up to Heaven where a large crowd of people awaited him. Soon he was mingling with them, hearing their praises and welcomes. Michael said he hadn’t yet moved on, true, but the guy was enjoying the admiration of his peers and friends, eventually they’d get on to the topic of him staying.

There was one ghost still sleeping, it said so on the headstone, so I started on slowly waking him up, yawning while doing so, thinking of coffee or hot chocolate or tea, to encourage the ghost to wake up anticipating a nice cup of something. Some of the others in our group mentioned sleepers, so maybe it’s this cemetery’s theme? Anyway, they deserve better from me, I wasn’t carrying my weight, so I’ll go back, it’s not far away.

My first visit back I stopped at section 14, no particular reason, and walked around, extending my energy field, hopefully to cover the entire cemetery and worked the colors to heal those that needed healing. Then I used Michael’s technique, a number came to mind when I asked as to how many moved on, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate, so moving on … Those that didn’t move on I asked to hold hands and again I extended my energy field to include them this time trying to feel what was holding them here, lots of feelings of sadness, not achieving what one wanted to do, and more. Those I could help quicker, experiencing their disappointments and pain, once able to lift those up, we headed to Heaven and were soon joined by Guides who helped them transition. The ones grieving took more attention, I encouraged them to fully feel it, and I told them I realized it might feel like I was rushing them. Still grieving we headed up, to continue their grieving up there. Then some individual attention to those who had not risen, I was drawn to specific headstones to connect with them, one couple the wife was aware but the husband still hurting, I quickly healed him and they floated up, she was leading, he was still trying to get used to things.

While there I noticed what we leave behind. Something given to us at birth, a name. Some choose to make a name for themselves, adding M.D. or ‘wife of’, I didn’t see any ‘husband of’. But we are not there, and what we did in life had impacts.

I’ll go back again, pick another section and do more of the same, then try to find some of the other energetic features that those more sensitive to Earth energies noticed.