A new apartment has issues

A client had just moved in to a new place, modern, so not much history, I wasn’t expecting to have to do much here.

But Mom was there, and the client wanted her energy field checked out. Worked on Mom first, so that she could leave earlier if she wanted. No issues with her energy field . BUT! A first for me, she had a presence inside her and it wasn’t budging. I later realized it had kept Mom from any attacks making connections or hooks. I needed advice on this one, so I took her up to Heaven’s edge, sure that getting her to walk into Heaven would be a problem. No-one there to help me! So I filled myself with Heaven’s light and moved to overlap with her, which happened to push the entity outside. I set up a shield for us, worked the colors to heal and seal her auras, gave them a swirl to check they were complete and headed down to Earth.

BUT! Mom wasn’t feeling wonderfully better. I was grateful that someone had recently told me I needed to ground myself more often (all the time was too much to hope for!) and that made me force the client and myself to ground ourselves, which is when I felt she had another entity inside her, this one connected to her root chakra. Since this was new to me too, once again, but filled with red ground energies this time, I overlapped our energies, pushing this entity out, thankfully those down at the center of the Earth took over, leaving her clear. Fingers crossed, I’m always never grounded.

Now to the apartment. Lots of stuck energies, maybe animated or getting that way, of a guy with lots of body issues. Short, overweight, unfit, body odor, difficulty with women, sexual issues (don’t ask), the bedroom was filled with them, even the closet had some, his clothes were baggy, not at all attractive, and the path to the front door, anxieties about people seeing him. There was some female energies sharing the shower with him, but she had body issues, and their relationship was not … close. The client surprised me by remarking on the strange feelings she’d had since moving in, which related to those I described. Anyway, I removed them all and the client noticed a difference.

Not done yet, the client wanted her auras checked. Just the Heart chakra had issues, multiple layers relating to the third eye, throat, solar plexus and sacral auras. She nodded, familiar with those, a little talk and on to the next issue. Outside of these auras, she was filled with pink energy and was keeping outside entities at bay. Now to the physical level, accessing LI4, the general health acupressure point, it drew me exclusively to her head, possibly the falx celebri was tight. She then told me she’d had migraines every night for the last week. Then she surprised me. Asked me to look at two scars on her back which had appeared at age six, family could not explain when a doctor asked. Medical tests had not shown any indications of trauma in the area. Touching them I felt discomfort in the abdomen anterior to both, but no trauma at the scar sites! She suggested past life issues, so I checked, the previous life had the same issues, the one before that I felt the trauma (thankfully not the pain) and got a quick view and internal sense of who she was then. She lurched away, in pain, never feeling such awful pain. It lasted less than a minute, but it was a long minute. And then it was gone. Our views coincided, she had been a Chinese man working on the railroads crossing the USA, was on his back on the tracks and trying to roll over and off, got struck by a train. The client asked when, and I blurted out 1854.

I’ll check in with the client again and let you know.