The Attic at ‘The bean at 226’ Windsor

I’d worked the basement when visiting this coffee and more business recently on February 8th 2024 and the owners asked me back to work the attic, it had been a meth lab prior to them taking it over, plus who knows what else had gone on there previously. They knew there was something still energetically going on up there.

So with free coffee in hand they showed me around the apartment, nothing happening, pointing out furniture they’d like checked, and then the attic, and that was full of (energetic) issues.

The attic was separated into two areas, and good enough to be converted into rooms … but those energetic issues needed to be cleared. One owner was overtly sensitive and had a friend serendipitly visiting, so I could explain as I went along and get their feedback.

First coming to my attention was the meth lab energies, multiple layers, of hiding, blaming, worrying, and justifying, but the client had found different emotions of anger and shame. So onto the next category, that of patriarchal guys claiming the attic and dismissing women. Lots of toxic testosterone to work through, In one corner was a ghost woman trapped by all those toxic males, feeling all the attitudes males had for women there. I held hands with her as we talked, and was able to get her ready to move on up, soon joined by a Guide, and I left her still talking with the Guide up in Heaven. In another corner was a young male ghost, who had just reached puberty and having difficulties with the testosterone attitudes of the older males, but he … wasn’t. And he couldn’t talk about it, because all the men ruthlessly suppressed anything not male. He hugged me! I was hearing him. A Guide came down who took over, mentioning to me that he could better … relate to the young ghost.

Now to the serious stuff! In the other room was a mirror resting on the cross beams, I didn’t want to stand below it, I could already feel something looking at me, as could the client. There was a portal here. I gave the ladies a brief rundown on what I’d have to do before closing that portal. This one was extra special because there was something occupying it, and it didn’t feel friendly. Rather than go blindly through it, I chose to ride above it, found it linked somewhere in the Rockies USA to here, so no need to gather up entities passing either way, but the far end originated at a satanic church like place. Fully occupied. Just me versus them. Ok. Going in fast and strong. Pulling everyone down to the center of the Earth, like a whirlpool, everyone flailing, too busy to attack me. Some stronger ones were able to fly above, so I pulled on Heaven’s light to blast the area, and more into me, devastating them. Some tried to flee, but a Shaman’s Net gathered them, and down they went. Fast. Overwhelming. Cleared out all the negative energies there, then closed the portal.

What a difference, everyone could feel it. The mirror was only that now, they could get rid of it.

In one corner was a black female still hiding from all the evil, not daring to move. I filled the space around her with loving energies and waited until she started to move. My earlier trip here I had found 4 black slaves still in the basement. A Guide joined us and took over to get her up to Heaven.

Nothing else going on in the other nooks. Some stuck energies from guys standing at the top of the stairs passing scorn down on any woman wanting their attention. Removed that too.

Checking out the old furniture in the bedroom, read it for the client, nothing harmful. Some bad energy high up in the child’s room came from the area just above it in the attic, below the mirror, so I cleared that away.

Fun times. And it just happened that the Tea and Tarot event that first led me here was happening again! So I said hello to the group I know and then home, still with coffee in hand, I usually only drink a medium sized cup and they’d given me a large. Tasty too.