A crowded place in Cheshire CT

I got this message a week ago: Good evening, I’m hoping you can help me by coming to my house in Cheshire to investigate some strange activity happening in my house which is now affecting my son just not me. I had the tv random turn in in my bedroom with the remote always being on the other side of the room while I have been sleeping last time it turn on it was on the Nun 2 movie, I have had things fall in the basement in the middle of the night and I sensed a something angry in my basement come right up behind me on many occasions when doing laundry. I keep seeing a shadow go down the hall from my son’s room. He has complained repeatedly of something in his room or standing outside his room in the hall. The dogs have been staring and barking at something in the hall and won’t go into the basement anymore. I have tired sage-ing the house but it only seems to create more activity. I have been calling upon Archangel Michael help remove whatever is in the house. I’m at a loss since I have always had issues with seeing and feeling the unseen since the age of 3 I tried my best efforts to block all of it and asking it to leave me alone. Now it is effecting my son and dogs.

I replied immediately, put it out to the team, almost all could make it and wanted in, and set up a date and time to go in. If everyone showed it would be crowded, the family, whatever ghosts plus and all of us. A bonus we found out was that Mom and son were both sensitives plus two dogs also sensitive.

With so many experienced ghost workers, this would be easy (Priscilla, Michelle, Sharon, Anne, Marian and myself).

The client told us the latest news and the team spread out, leaving me in the living room with nothing to do, so I tagged along, just in case. A little nudge here, a hint there, a suggestion somewhere else, easy. The ladies shy away from raw male stuff, like the ex-husband who had left some negative feelings behind, I got quite a lot of feeling feedback on his issues, but no need to pass it on. Cleaned that out. Minor stuff, all the heavy hitting was going on elsewhere with Priscilla, Michelle and Sharon.

Sharon was nice enough to include me, wanting some confirmation she’d moved something on and yes, it was now energetically clear. Nice work. Anne had chatted with the son and got information, so I nudged her, move it on. We went through the entire house, with the client helping, pointing out areas where creepy stuff had happened and which still felt creepy. We visited the basement many times, finding more in different corners each time, later under the stairs – this gave me an opportunity to include the client who had earlier stated she wanted to learn more about this stuff. I had her hold my shoulder while I overlapped our energy fields so she could better sense what was there, and called in Marian and Priscilla who were nearby just to get a feel. Then back to the client to explain what would happen next. Under the stairs was no longer a problem.

There were two portals, plus a vortex. I love vortices, they are useful and harmless, just for transporting, similar to ley-lines, so left that in place. An in-service on the complexities of portals, for the team and the client, then Michelle and Priscilla tackled one, Anne and Marian the other.

Usually there’s something that stumps the team, giving me something to do. In this case the client and her son alerted us to a cold place in the center of the basement. I figured it out, someone had been buried there, still with his issues, his wife, maybe, buried nearby, she didn’t have issues. The team moved the male ghost on, then the wife ascended on her own, she’d stayed to keep him company down here.

A chance to check auras, something the team just doesn’t get enough practice at. Anne and Marian did the work, with a little bit of help from me.

There was a whole lot of stuff that I didn’t get to do, the whiz-kids did all that. Also, I told Marian she was no longer a rookie.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s team adventure consisted of Priscilla Lounds, Sharon McKernan, Anne Elliff-Nicholas, Marián Cañas, Paul Rice and Michelle Pellin. The energy of the home, located in Cheshire, was palpable upon walking in. Many of the team felt an overwhelming sadness and feelings of fear that were not their own. The owner reported feelings of negative energy consistently. Items in the home randomly moved around or were hidden with no explanation. Televisions turned off and on with no explanation. Shadows were seen down the hallway, and a figure seemed to be watching the teen in the home in his bedroom. The entire house had been rewired recently prior to us arriving and no electrical issues were present.

Paul first went to the master bedroom, where he picked up on some negative thoughts forms he was able to clear. The son’s room had a male spirit that Sharon tuned into, and she was able to transform the anger of the spirit with Angel Michael’s assistance and move him on. Sharon also worked to move on a man that was buried underneath the house. Priscilla and Michelle worked on the intense swirling energy (like a tornado) in the living and family room that did not want to budge. Priscilla picked up that there was a large portal in the family room that felt like a vortex. Michelle was picking up on a trickster energy that needed to go back down that portal before it was sealed up. Michelle was able to capture the trickster using the shamanic net technique, and Priscilla was able to go down the portal and seal it up. Marian worked very hard on the basement, transforming layer by layer the intense energy that was right underneath the portal where the family room was. Marian was also able to help clear some stuck energy in the owner’s chakras. Anne worked with a second smaller portal located in the middle of an antique desk, and sealed it up. Anne and Michelle also closed an even smaller portal on the other side of the basement together. Paul picked up some strange energy behind the stairs in the basement, and was able to transform it. Michelle spent some time transforming a lot of the general stuck energy in the home, and Priscilla removed some animated energy in a small closet in the crawl space. Priscilla and Michelle went outside and felt that this property was being protected, accept the trickster was not allowing the protection to happen. With the trickster gone and the portals closed, and the energy cleaned, the house felt much lighter. The owners walked around and felt good about the property that they had been dealing with for years.

I’ll be meeting with the client to increase her skills, and she’ll be connecting with Michelle to learn more Medium skills.

I got a text a couple of days later, we’d missed some stuff, so I arranged to go back the following Sunday with one more of the team who had missed the first time, Deb. The client would be there but her son wasn’t. She’d told us the two dogs slept either side of her that first night, enough proof to say there was more to do and the dogs knew it.

Deb and I would work each room together, assisted by the client using her sensitivities. The son’s room, I checked his bed first and found two emotional states soaked into the bed, one to do with being the Man of the house, the other to do with his dad. Cleared that and the two animated energies that had grown within were taken away. One corner had some stuck energy that was resisting change, so a quick in-service and we used ‘Holding Stillness’ to free it up and then remove it. Deb found a cold area behind the door and we worked that, the same theme of not changing.

Rechecked Mom’s bedroom, that was clear. The living room TV had been fixed, not without some swearing we were told. The dining area was where there were more TV issues, behind it in the corner, perfect for stuck energy to accumulate, but this time it was vibrating, so I stopped that and then we could interact to help the spirit deal with resentment before helping her to move on. She was quite chatty as we ascended, and she wanted to explore more before settling down, so I left her in the company of a higher spirit she recognized, floating on top of some clouds overseeing Heaven. A quick coffee break then back to work.

Worked the garage, brought out the toys – ultrasound, sensors for electric, magnetic fields, and for radiation, energetically clear. Deb Worked with a ghost who was protective of his tools and area, helping to move him on. Worked the basement, Deb smelled something bad under the stairs, so I went back there to tune in to that, finding a H2S odor which then helped me to locate yet another animated energy that was unwilling to change, it had taken on a suffering energy before becoming aware, and left it up to me, after I discussed it with the ladies, to rejoin more like it – and continue to suffer, or to be transformed and be gone, which pleased it more.

One memorable event was when the client touched Deb while she was doing ghost work, and felt those energies. I look forward to meeting with the client over coffees and cakes to share some of the techniques.

Another follow-up, chatting with Deb a couple of days later, checking her auras, I found stuckness characteristic of the place in Cheshire, released it of course, it turns out Deb had not cleared her energies as we went along, had not transformed them enough. So we talked, next time Deb won’t bring energies back home with her. At least it wasn’t a ghost.