The next generation steps up – Griswold Inn, Essex

Today, Michelle, Anne and Sharon went to Essex at the Griswold Inn, one of the oldest continuously operating inns in the country. Upon entering the building, there was a woman spirit that the three of us picked up pretty quickly. She was in a beautiful dress and was flitting around showing it off, literally saying “Look at me!”. She was seeking attention, as no one else in the restaurant was giving it to her, and was excited that we could feel, hear and see her. Michelle could barely order off the menu because she was so in her face. There was also a shy man that was harder to tune into with her, and they seemed to be a couple. He seemed very happy to be there, and to hang out with her. I showed them the light, and even got her on the elevator half way, however they was not interested, being perfectly happy with showing off and moving around. She seemed very proud of herself and liked being the center of attention. We didn’t feel like either one of these spirits was causing any harm to anyone. Many of the items in the building were full of shipping history and would make great psychometry specimens. Anne had mentioned that there is a room upstairs you can rent for the night that has a painting that may be haunted, as its eyes follow you around the room.. stay tuned! 

I didn’t attend, Priscilla and I were at a rally for Palestine. We weren’t needed. It feels so good that the team can work without me.