House-sitter reports creepy feelings, stuff moved

A house-sitter was worried about going back into a house, a card was moved every day, lights turned on, and she wouldn’t even go into one bedroom. Better to do this one fast, just me, a quick in-and-out.

I did check for electrical abnormalities, two plugs had no ground attached, and the ultrasonic detector gave the usual background noises typical of an older house.

In the living room I held the card but had trouble connecting, so I back-tracked and took out the background stuck energy. The nearby corner had something, entering it I sensed someone stood there to watch the living room, feeding, then moving on to the next location. So I time-lined to intercept the ghost, caught him, he hadn’t meant to be a problem, couldn’t find his friends, didn’t know he was dead, and had the feel of dying around WWII. I took him up and he found his friends there, all good.

Now I could access the card, another ghost, he’d lived there and wanted the current owners to know he was around, another trip up there and he moved on too.

The bedroom was more intense, one ghost was ‘asleep’ on the bed. He’d died during his sleep and it had been days before he’d been found as he had no friends and neighbors didn’t check on him. His loneliness seeped into everything. I took him up but there was no-one to meet him. Not good. Very unusual, I’ve only had one other ghost have that. So we talked and I asked him if he’d had a friend when he was younger, and he did remember someone, but they had parted, life happens, but he appeared before us, still as a young man, and interacting the same, as if no time had passed. They talked, resuming the friendship and was directed to leave the ghost there, his friend would help him adjust.

Now the bed, all that loneliness had to be soaked into it, and on the opposite side of the bed I felt it, but it had been pulled to that side, absorbed by the current owner, so I cleaned it out. I hoped when the owners came back they’d have a good night sleep and not think anything of it. A closet in the room had stuck energy but borderline animated, so I took that up to find more of the same up there.

The house-sitter hoped the neighbors wouldn’t notice an ‘extra’ visitor, but I had to clean off my energies a few times outside, so finger’s crossed on that. It’s not that the owners had specifically stated nobody else could accompany her, but still, they might get upset. Hence no names here and no town to help identify who could have asked for help.