Elmcrest, Portland

Michelle had sensed a lot of activity here while driving by and wanted to start the work here after finishing work at Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School. Both of us had been inside this property when it had been a functioning psych facility, both doing our jobs, not as in-patients. The property is fenced off, all but three buildings demolished and the ground dug up for the construction of new buildings.

Trouble is, all the ghosts still present.

We worked independently, I sensed an overall pain and worked through that, then started working with psych-challenged patients with color healing, but felt blocked. Tuning in to the block, it seemed like a belief by the staff and others about how good and necessary was the work there was getting in the way, anything that disagreed or challenged those beliefs could not be allowed. So I worked on removing that energetic belief boundary.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: We also had time to heal some of the lost spirits in the back of what was Elmcrest mental health facility in Portland. Many of the buildings were taken down, not fit for revitalizing, and the land is being prepped for new development. In the meantime, there seemed to be an abundance of spirits there not knowing which direction to turn. Michelle had one of them try to follow her home the other day, and it took some patience and persistence to get her to go to the light. Paul was able to remove some old energetic unhealthy belief systems that were still hanging out. Michelle used purple and pink healing energy to heal their challenged minds, then Michael’s technique to draw them closer to her. She then moved them up in smaller groups, which seemed to work better than all at once, perhaps due to them feeling more comfortable that way. There is still some work there that needs to be done, in particular, healing the land before they develop it again.

We agreed, more work to be done here.

I came back a week later, I was in the area. Another barrier sensed, this one shame based, anyone going here had to keep quiet about it, those needing help here were damaged, and that had to be kept hidden, not talked about. Just reducing that took a lot of effort, I’ll be back to do more.