Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School

Don’t worry, the school’s fine, we went there because of the path on the far side reputed to have odd things happening there. Present were Michelle and her friend Jay (because we have two Jay’s in SHONE), Brenda and myself, Paul. Michelle was picking up more, I just got some stuck energy on the side of the path and removed that. Previously I had commented about a ley-line, because I thought we were going to the High School, no ley-line here.

What surprised me was the other end of the short path, we’d arrived at a previous ghost work location! Brenda had lived at this end of the street, we had done work across the road from her. So I went visiting, the family was in and we caught up with the latest, and were sorry to hear of the untimely death of one parent, who had been in poor health when we’d visited the first time. They already knew Brenda, and Jay was able to connect well with those present.

Back to ghost work, the street outside was a problem, it was time to do something about it. I sensed dark thunderstorm clouds with frequent lightning strikes, and headed along the road towards it, while the rest got entangled in a Curse. I overlapped my energy with the storm to reduce it and sense what caused it. Some Native American (Wangunk tribe) energy worker, shaman? had contracted with a Native American deity who ruled Lightning to protect the tribe by attacking enemies. Time passed, the shaman died but the contract remained, the deity continuing to energize the area. Once that contract was undone, the Lightning stopped though the ground still felt electrified. I had not overtly noticed any curse, but talked the rest of the group through the process of identifying the curse – the Wangunk tribe were ignored by the white man’s history, and they wanted to be remembered. Jay already had some knowledge of them and told us we were near the center of their territory! We promised them to find out more.

Michelle had sensed something else which I hadn’t, and by touching her I could sense via her what she had noticed. There was a darkness, fixed, and felt like Amber, but more glassy, it kept pushing me out. Eventually I tried to melt it and was able to cause it to dissipate.

A particular room in the corner house contained some stuck energy, once cleared away I could sense a ghost within, but I also sensed two time zones. Previously I’d felt this with objects, this was a first, to have it connected with a ghost. The only reason I could come up with was someone, a long time ago, communicated with his future self. Sounds great, know any winning lottery numbers? Unfortunately, his future self had not moved on, remaining as a ghost, and the energetic connection now sustained this ghost. Once the connection was broken, the ghost dissipated, not really a ghost like the ones we know, fading away rather than ascending.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure included Paul, Brenda, Jay and Michelle. Our main focus was about figuring out what is going on behind Nathan Hale middle school in Moodus. Brenda used to live on a street in the back of the school, and many people that live on the street seemed to have had strange supernatural experiences in their homes, gotten very sick or died. As a team last year, we did a job at one of these homes, which did help. However, one of the family members ended up with terminal cancer at a young age and passed on. The neighborhood also seems to experience a large turnaround, and people have been reported to demonstrate extreme bouts of anger. The first thing noticed was a path before the street that had some heavy energy to it. Brenda explained that it used to be a campground where criminal behaviors took place. Michelle tapped in with the land guardian, and was told to go away. This is unusual from our past experiences, as typically, the land wants help and welcomes it. The team then went to the street, and Jay and Michelle felt a pressure in our crowns from the end of the path, going to the street, then all along the street itself. Paul attempted to manipulate the energy, and was somewhat successful. However, after some trial and error and some discussion, what we concluded is that there must be a curse put onto the land by the Wangunk tribe, a tribe native to this area that is not recognized by the state of Connecticut or the federal government. Jay explained that this tribe was pushed around by the the English settlers, told to go further and further back into the land after settling. After we acknowledged them, told them we would spread the word and sent them thanks for their contribution to the land, the energy seemed a bit lighter. It is our hope that we eased up on the curse, however, we will be tracking this in the future.