Columbia, more going on

The S.H.O.N.E. group was invited to a pool party here by one of the members, present were Michelle, Priscilla, Jay, Sharon, Brenda and myself. Nice time. As people were leaving I was taken aside to check out more energetic activity since the last visit. I didn’t write it up at that time, but I observed that the western half of the house was located over an energy center which was attracting energies. Maybe this was the cause of the higher amount of activity here.

Fast forward to some texts I received on my phone while chilling out with Crystal at my coffee shop Klekolo:

“I thought everything was fine here. But my grandson is freaking out. He said you couldn’t pay him $100 to sleep in my room. He’s scared of the bathroom where you moved that other thing on. And he’s scared of the basement. He saw a woman outside while he was in the pool and occasionally she is at his window at night. I thought I heard something in my room last night. I was on Benadryl so who knows. Got poison ivy. And we’re leave my fan fell over in my room in the middle of the night. I thought it felt better. But maybe new stuff is coming. What are your thoughts? ” 

Sounds like that energy center has attracted a whole bunch of stuff. 

“I think so. I don’t know what about the stuff. I’m not as sensitive as you or my grandson. I would’ve never thought there was a Spirit in my daughter’s house. But he saw it.”

“I literally thought there was like a scream in my room last night. But again, I had taken some Benadryl.”

“I also heard something brush up against the outside of the house by my bed. And then like two seconds later my daughters dog started barking from her room.”

“I asked my pendulum this morning if there was a spirit in the house. And it went crazy.”

I texted Michelle as she’s been active with the stuff going on here. She was available this evening but going away this weekend. If something needed to be done, it would have to be right now. Crystal wasn’t able to join us and I left Klekolo to get to the scene ASAP.

First priority was to do something about that energy center. My concern was that it would absorb any energies I used and that I wouldn’t be able to move it. However, when Michelle sensed it, the energy flow was outwards! I touched her shoulder to tune in to what she was sensing, and yes! I could sense both attracting and outward flowing energies! We were able to grab it and, slowly, moved it away from the house towards the edge of the property. Good, it could be moved. Moving it further away where it could not cause harm would be ideal. Michelle picked the planet Mars! I’d recently taught all the ghost-workers dimensional work, but Michelle still had to expand into higher dimensions. I had visited Mars and other planets before so I knew I could get there. With Michelle touching my shoulder to feel the energies involved, I coached and assisted her up two dimensions, at which point the energy center was now visible as a flat disc, and its energy attracting and emitting activity was now limited to within its plane. Grabbing it was easier, and relocating to Mars very easy – we didn’t have to take the normal distance but leapt over the space – arriving at one of the NASA machines rolling over the ground. I picked a place behind it so that anything coming out of the energy center would not be in front of the cameras and its path.

Now to go inside and deal with events resulting from the energy center. There was another portal now, two in one house, that’s a new one, but not surprising with an energy attracting site. The entities coming through here were alien, a larger silvery face with a longer chin. I had Michelle practice dimensional travel again, and she saw the portal in its entirety, describing it as a snake. We could see the other end now and didn’t have to travel through it. I went there, tuned into the energy level and returned, to send out a Shaman’s net at that frequency, to gather up all the entities that had passed through the portal, and then take them back through the portal to release them in their home space. They grumbled a bit, it wasn’t first-class transportation, but they were home. I then closed the portal.

In the bedroom I had Michelle timeline holding the fan that fell over to tune in to and deal with the cause, a ghost.

As for the scream, I timelined to that event, a really unpleasant screaming, something was suffering non-stop, passing through our space only briefly. An entity was trapped orbiting the energy center! She was not human, presenting as a black spiky amoeba and very mobile. She clung to me, still panicking, it took a while to calm her down to getting a coherent message ‘take me home’. Which I did, I haven’t taught the ghost-workers that method yet.

There was some smelly stuck energies in the bedroom, from a couple that had lived at the original house, that energy center had extended the stuck energies, keeping them ‘fresh’.

The basement held residual energies from the energy center, so I cleaned that out.

Feedback the next day, something else had passed through the bedroom. My guess is that there’s more orbiting the energy center, I hadn’t checked, also, with the energy center now relocated, shouldn’t they all be heading out on different paths? I have a friend I’d met on my astral travels, I’ll ask him to check in on this and help them out.

A couple of thoughts afterwards: Why that particular location on Mars? That was the last place I’d visited, so I guess I’d tagged it, and without a specific location, went back there. Why orbiting entities? Perhaps it’s due to the bipolar nature of the energy center, pulling in and pushing out. Any entity arriving might find themselves pushed out by the other half of this flow.