Just electrical activity, and cigarette smell

No need to call in the team on this one. Brenda, one of the S.H.O.N.E. regulars passed this client on to me, I called to get information, not much going one. BUT. Our next trip (S.H.O.N.E) is to a school in East Haddam where odd things have happened, and an earlier trip to East Haddam (A farm and business has ghost issues, on September 16, 2021) had unusual stuff, including an angelic area. Today’s location was in-between, on a line joining the two. No coincidences. I suspect a ley-line. Which is always benign.

The client had invited family members and friends, I’d invited Brenda, but she didn’t show, she’d told the client she was tired of picking up ghosts and bringing them back with her. Not a problem, I like to teach, The house is on a lake edge, the significance of this became apparent later on.

I used my electrical tools, everything was excellent, the house is newly built over the site of an earlier house which had to be totally reworked after the solid base proved to not be so solid. I’d mentioned some phone apps for ghost sensing and the client had used them, and was told not to tell me by one of the family, to see if I ‘got it right’ or similar. I smiled.

Talking through my methods, one brave family member accepted my invite to touch and feel along with me. Returning to the time of the incidents and touching the items affected (TV went on at 4:30 am, music turned on by itself, ceiling fan & light turned on by itself) I was able to find and bring into the present: 1. a young boy ghost who kept apologizing, was lost, had seen this place ‘all lit up’ and the people were friendly, I took him up, meeting his Mom on the way, she took him the rest of the way, he’d operated two of the devices, and 2. an angry man, he’d been the owner of the previous house, he didn’t know he was dead either and saw the current house as building modifications to his house, and he wasn’t happy. We talked, he now understood he was dead, some grieving, no he couldn’t go see his family here because they too had already moved on, and then he was ready. I took him up, he was met by two friends up there, all good.

Which happened to agree with what the phone app had said.

There were a bunch of ghosts in the basement, which is furnished, and leads out to their shoreline property. These were not local ghosts and were upset because they couldn’t get to their destination, or a way out, somehow limited to the ley-line path, unable to return via the portal that got them here. They were stuck, on the edge of the lake and had been here from before the current owner built their new home. I was told it had been a difficult process the entire time, and there seemed to be no reason for it. I used Michaels’ technique to call on Guides for each of the ghosts to help them move on. Which was a delight for me, as I was worried they had originated from another plane and that’s where they’d need to go.

The next part of what I needed to do was to find that portal, out beyond the farm I’d visited Sept. 2021, and gather up all who had passed through then close it, because it was just causing problems, everyone coming through would just get stuck at the lake edge. I’m saving that for another trip, early next month I’ll visit the destination location with S.H.O.N.E, and maybe find the ley-line continues beyond it.

One family member wanted to contact her parents who had moved on, I could do that, and the rest wanted ‘readings’, so I did palm-readings, most had similar qualities to mine, and one had a genius spot. The feedback I got was I’d nailed the readings too. One person wants to know more so I gave her my contact information.

p.s. The ley-line was easy to sense.