Wallingford has the most ghosts so far

A new connection referred me to one of her friends, they recently moved into a house in Wallingford and had problems right from the start. A nice change, the husband was sensitive and responding to his abilities undeveloped as they are right now, the wife also had some sensitivity and we responded to that too. Going in, all we knew was that “the energy feels off, they were tired most of the time, but they didn’t feel a presence. A man had died here from a motorcycle accident, suffering for some months before his life ended. Their daughter, just over a year old now had been scared in her bedroom on the first night they moved in.”

Responding were Michelle, and Sharon, now more available since she started in her own business, and myself, Paul. We greeted the family, the dogs locked away but the cats free to wander. We explored, finding stuff in the master bedroom, the daughter’s bedroom, and in a living room.

I took on the master bedroom, the bed frame had belonged to the person who’d died there, while Michelle worked with Sharon in the daughter’s room. I removed energies from both sides of the bed, and from the area on the sides, only then becoming aware of something moving, the ghost of the man who’s died there, but all I was picking up was his damaged body and pain, so I worked with that. I later found out Michelle was working with the same ghost but he had disconnected from his body pains, floating free but still tethered here. Healing his ‘body’ then having a short conversation once he realized he was dead, I asked the husband to reach out and touch the ghost, the husband reported sensing something, accompanied by a tingling in his fingertips, I said that was his ‘gateway’ to sensing more, and when feeling that, wait and try to expand it, notice what else accompanies it, to build on his awareness. As I took the ghost up, one of his biker-buddies joined us and a lot more of them awaited him on arrival.

Michelle found some animated energy in one corner of the room and took that up, Sharon also found some stuck energy in a different corner and removed that. No wonder they’d had trouble sleeping here with all those energies present.

Read Michelle’s notes for the daughter’s room. The daughter really liked Sharon, reaching for her when handed off to Mom or Dad.

Before we get to Mom’s sensitivity, when we checked the kitchen, I opened a little closet and saw a small ironing board hinged at the wall, nice. There are no accidents when it comes to psychic work. Mom reported a ‘popping’ sound every time going in and out of the kitchen. I considered a portal, with pressure differences but there hadn’t been enough ‘alternate’ activity to recommend that. The three of us checked it out, and we agreed it felt like something new. Except I met this sensation once before, at a memorial site in New Mexico, dedicated to the people who had died in WWII, an actual helicopter, now stripped out and a chapel are at the scene. Present there were fluctuations in time, the ‘here and now’ plus a strong connection to the past, walking only a short distance I’d felt buffeted by many transitions of the two time zones. That was caused by many people’s energies. This one, at the entrance to the kitchen, was caused by just one housewife in the 1950’s using the ironing board. First we had to slow it down, the energies were spinning, so I coached Sharon on how to do that. I asked Sharon to grab one end of the energies (the ‘here and now’) and I grabbed the past, and we pulled them apart, separating them, and not knowing where to take this energy, was glad to receive a message from ‘up there’ that a higher spirit would appreciate the energy / memories. The ‘here and now’ was a little off from the actual ‘here and now’, it had been pulled a few seconds into the past, so I asked Sharon, in our ‘here and now’ to pull what she’d grabbed into our present, and it dissipated.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Paul got a call about a small house in Wallingford, and Michelle and Sharon also came. The family of three was feeling an unsettling presence and felt tired all the time. We were told that there was a man who died there in the home who had suffered terribly from a motorcycle injury. The night before the scheduled appointment, booked a few days ahead, the baby had woken up screaming at 2am for no reason, and the mom saw an older woman in the home during the day. Things will often get “intense” right before we come, as the ghosts seem to know we are visiting. Upon entering the baby’s room, Sharon and Michelle found the presence of the man. He was in the back of the room, however you could feel the energy of him upon entering, which got intense the further back you went. The man felt dizzying and sick, and had pain all over his body. Upon walking further into the home, the master bedroom, connected to the baby’s room, also had intense energy, with two animated energies in the corners. While Michelle and Sharon were sending healing energy to the man in the baby’s room, and calling in his family members, dog and guide, Paul in the other room was also tuning into his energy (which was not known to either party at the time). Together, we were able to send him up. The room were then cleaned up energy wise. Michelle found another ghost in the family room, again, in the back of the room. It was an old woman (we found out later that this was the mother of the ghost man) who was confused as to why there were others “in her home” (she was the previous owner). Sharon believes that she was somehow connected to an old dining table, used her calming energy to reason with her, and sent her up to the light. A strange ‘portal’ (sic), connected to the past and present, was also found in the kitchen area. If you stood on the spot, it felt like a merry go round. Sharon and Paul were able to stop it from spinning, and stop it from working in the kitchen by using visual energy techniques. The family then walked around the home and stated it felt much better. The baby was also very happy, and loved Sharon!

I got a call from the father a few months later, something was bothering the baby again. I offered to do a remote check-in to try to help, if that didn’t then I’d revisit. Remote sensing I felt more of that time duality in the kitchen, maybe that was the opening to allow something new to enter. I grabbed both time locations and pulled them apart, separating their link. Nothing else seemed awry so I left it at that. No call since so I guessed that solved the problem.