Sterling Opera House, Derby

One of the well-known ghost locations in Connecticut, it’s closed up, no entry but you can walk around the outside. Only seven minutes from our last location, Seymour Union Cemetery, an easy way to knock off one more famous ghost place.

We scattered to each do our thing. I found the place covered in a pink, fleshy barrier which I was able to penetrate. My friend Crystal when she reads this will probably say I have problems, but hey! You think I make this up?

Inside it was dark, but going further inside there was a performance going on! I turned on the lights and called out “Intermission” and there was a big sigh, and a bigger rush to the bathrooms. How many years had this been going on? I had an idea, rather than break the barrier and do all that moving ghosts on stuff, I called for a Light to be established inside the theater, and told the audience and performers to go into the light. It worked fine. Maybe they were tired of the play? All but two went through, one had been responsible for keeping everyone trapped, the other had cared for him until I removed the glamor hiding him. She went to the Light. Just the two of us, the show over. I bagged him and headed on up to Heaven, his darkness so intense. He was expected, a large crowd waiting for him. I learned something new. Heaven can keep some souls against their wishes, IF they had already betrayed their trust in the last life, and were now on probation, one condition of release was that if the soul messes up again the soul agrees to being held there next time.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: The next stop was the Sterling Opera House in Derby. There were 3 ghosts-two younger women connected with a man. Michelle sent the two women on, which Weslie saw the shadows of on the other side of the building, and Paul moved on the man, who was more challenging, as he was connected to the building, and was not a person of integrity. Paul sent him to a “grey place” for spirits who purposely did terrible things to others, so he could work through his issues. Michelle spent time healing the building, and Janet picked up on residual energy of the male spirit from a side back door hurting one of the females physically, stabbing her and tossing her out on the street.

And after … coffee and cake nearby at the Three Bridges Coffeehouse, 415 Howe Ave, Shelton, CT 06484 which was delicious and great conversations to catch up on lots of news.