Seymour Union Cemetery

In August 1955 this area was hit by two back-to-back hurricanes, and the whole area was devastated by severe flooding, and this cemetery adjacent to the river, suffered too, bodies were raised out of the ground and added to the bad situation.

Responding were Michelle, Marian, Weslie and Janet, and an interested person, Jay who’s been to one other event at Wethersfield cemetery, plus myself.

Weslie set off first while the rest of us chatted and caught up with each other. She found a ghost baby with two parents fighting over her. She moved the father over first, then mother and baby. Didn’t have to use King Solomon’s idea either.

Weslie found two gates here, actual physical gates. The larger had some attached issues, below a dark area and a beating heart. So I turned on the light. Oops, only a dead body. But the ghost didn’t know he was dead, kept hearing and feeling his beating heart, knew he was in some dark area and something bad had happened. When the light went on, the only thing present was a dead body. What a way to find out you’re dead! A little hand holding, we got to the point of him saying “What’s next?”. His expectations were low, so he was surprised when I said, “We head on up to Heaven!” I pulled him up to the surface, a nice, hot sunny day. “Enjoy the view, get used to things, and we’ll head on up in a while”, but then I handed him off on to Marian, for her to get more experience.

At the other gate, which was part of a family burial area, a dancing male ghost, partying with others. Not my thing, nobody associates me with fun or partying, after all, my fun is reading, going to cemeteries and doing ghost stuff and having coffee and cake at coffee houses. So I called in everyone else to move them on, which they did, while I watched and learned.

Another headstone, husband and wife adjacent, she’d moved on, he was beset with toothaches and being overweight, a liking for candy, he was still attached to his body. “Paying for it now” he said. I pulled him out of his body, surprising him, and a Guide was ready and waiting to take him on up.

Weslie told me the USA troops buried here had asked her to give the ‘last salute’. I said it was because she reminded them of the USO women who went out to entertain the troops, nice way to go if you can.

That ghost I handed off to Marian, they’d talked and a Guide showed up and he was gone!

Regrouping, Michelle mentioned ‘rerun energy.’ Not a term I’d heard before, she’d interpreted by description of ‘stuck energy’ as just that. OK. There was another well known ghost location only seven minutes away, so that’s where we headed next.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was at Seymour Union cemetery In Seymour Connecticut with Paul, Michelle, Jay, Weslie, Janet and Marian. Michelle was given a tip from a new acquaintance that back in 1955, it rained for 6 days straight, and flooded so badly, some of the coffins in this cemetery were taken from their place of rest, and floated down the river. According to the historical society, a few months later the bodies were put back to rest, and it was apparent that some of the stones were repositioned. The energy in the cemetery seemed strange, chaotic and almost humorous, as many of the names on the tombstones were almost like practical jokes (see pics). Paul and Weslie picked up on a group of farmers who were having a great time together in a party like atmosphere, and had to be convinced to move to the light, which is when Michael’s technique came in handy for Michelle. Weslie moved on a couple of military who were appreciative, Michelle moved on a man who did not want to connect with his human family (but was willing to go to see his dog), and Janet gravitated towards the cemetery tree for guidance (which had massive energy). Michelle asked for the land guardian and Archangel Michael to heal the land.