Shade Swamp Sanctuary, Farmington

Crystal found this place for us to do Thai massage in a cage. Don’t ask, she likes edgy places to do Thai. While there she got into a conversation with a ghost, did a short video and posted it, which I hadn’t watched before we arrived. Note, it’s the Blue Trail you’ll want, park there, not at the other parking lot at the start of a different trail. The cages are a short distance away. Mosquitos decided for us, no Thai. However there was a ghost, and Crystal wanted validation, so she told me squat.

She hears them, I’m so envious. I have to open up my feelings and follow whatever pull I feel. Kinda cross your fingers stuff but I’ve made it work for me. So I eventually stumbled on past where the ghost was located, with some hints like “YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY”. She doesn’t locate the ghosts, just a voice in her head, so I’m not surprised she wants validation. She kept asking me to call out to the ghost, and I did, listening for an emotional or physical sensation to guide me.

So we made it to the ghost, more validation still wanted, so I’m struggling along, feeling the limitations of how I do this, knowing she’s already in touch. Male ghost with large hands, Nope. Feelings? Heart ache. That overwhelms anything else. Why is she in the woods? Relationship issues? Crystal tells me to get over my viewpoints, that I need to get another skill. I love working with other psychics, they know stuff.

Crystal tells me to ask the ghost to make the reason she died more obvious, so I did, and I felt more of an ache mid to left abdomen, plus a ‘gone’ sensation at my low-to-mid-back. Which I’d felt before, once, for a black slave ghost who’d been shot. “FINALLY” Crystal adds. I’m such a townie, never thinking someone would shoot a person in the woods. Such is the nature of trying to interpret feelings and sensations for a cause.

So I healed her. Crystal comments “Why bother? She’ll be healed up there”. True. Over the years when I’ve worked with damaged ghosts, if they stayed damaged I’d have a difficult time moving them up, so it was easier to heal them first. We rose, and on the way, an Angel met us and took her the rest of the way up, at least I got a ‘thank you’ and warm fuzzy feeling from her.

All caught on video. Great. Seeing me struggle, Awesome.

But wait, there’s more. I used one of my ghost apps and it reported a presence nearby. Which Crystal had also found when she was there earlier in the week. I stepped into the area indicated, and felt no ghost, just a message left for us. On the app the message read “You have a psychic skill”. Which is what Crystal needed to hear.

On the drive to a nearby coffee shop I got to thinking, when a woman wants a guy to notice his feelings, she’s comfortable with the wider range of emotions (I worked it out as 243 possibilities based on 7 emotional nerve centers in a woman’s brain) while a guy has 3 (only 1 emotional center in his brain), which are: Love, Hate and not feeling (which is a feeling choice). So what’s a guy got to do? Love (means sex) which … let’s not go there, not feel, but he’s been asked to feel so not that, which leaves … Hate. Crystal’s so supportive, she just tells me I need to get more choices. One brain center? I’m trying. So doing ghost work, relying on feelings, with only one emotional center, yeah, it’s a struggle.