South Hadley, Mass. Haunted Cemetery

This one was arranged by S.H.O.N.E. member and ghost-worker trainee Marian, she and her daughter had sensed activity at the back of this cemetery. It was an hour drive, out of state for Michelle and I, but Marian had been good enough to travel to us many times, so it wasn’t a problem. There’s no parking on the street, but a nearby touristy plaza parking lot sufficed.

We headed to the back, walking among a crowd of ghosts, to start there. At the entry area there was a stone announcing some of these graves had been moved in 1902 from the area now occupied by Hadley Library, and another stone suggesting maybe a group burial? We each called Marian over when we found something interesting, making her work, stretching her abilities. Down below this stone I felt one person, curled up in a little ball, with a back ache, no surprise, so started healing, but it was taking longer than usual. There were three buried there, two had moved on, but one ghost remained and their bones mixed together, plus one bone missing which had to travel to the area. Once all back in place, the two empty bodies faded, like tidying up loose ends, the one ghost stood tall, a Guide joined us and took over.

Touching the next headstone I felt dizzy. Marian felt something else, but Michelle joined us and told us she’d felt three headstones had wobbled (energetically) but were solidly in place. I decided a group healing was needed, doing this one headstone at a time was too slow. Michelle had already moved on a large number standing around, but there were lots more here. I asked the ones I healed to move to the central area, Michelle says all cemeteries have a cemetery tree, this one was next to a facility building that looked like a small house. Some Guides and Angels came down to help supervise and begin to educate these ghosts as to what was going on.

Marian tried her technique on moving a ghost up, never tried it before, but the light went out prematurely, and when I checked, the ghost was still here, so I redirected him to the central area to wait.

During one of the breaks, after all it was 100 degrees F outside and Michelle and I were holding umbrellas to hide from the sun, Michelle told Marian that it’s difficult for a woman to move ghosts on from this period, because so many during that time would not listen to a woman! I’d had it easy and didn’t know. It came down to being persistent and assertive, I think in all this time there’s only been two ghosts Michelle handed off to me because they wouldn’t deal with her, but then I’d had that many female ghosts not wanting to deal with me!

On one headstone I got the message “Everything’s all right”. No ghosts, but it was odd. Dad then Mom had died, a few years later their 21 year old daughter. I got the feeling the daughter had needed a lot of care, and the remaining family had looked after her until she died, looked after as best they could.

We headed over to the central area, lots of ghosts waiting. I’d told Marian that she’d move all the ghosts on, using her method, with Michelle and I being the cheerleaders and adding our support. Pressure? We could feel what she was doing, and it was working, but … the ghosts had no need to move on up, as Marian had pulled apart the veils separating us from Heaven. So we tweaked it a bit. Well done Marian.

The local tourist spot had nice chilled fancy drinks and cake, Marian treated too. Marian did very well, her skills are improving fast.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was with Paul, Marian, and Michelle. Marian had given us a tip that a certain part of this beautiful cemetery had challenging energy in the oldest part, dating back from the late 1700s to the mid 1800s. Marian was correct, as there were so many spirits in a small amount of area. A stone in the back indicated that back in 1902, some of the bodies were moved around, however there was no explanation as to why. Michelle felt a dizziness at some of the headstones, which is not typical. Paul spent some time healing a few scattered body parts that had not made it during the move. Michelle felt the land also needed healing, and spent a few minutes working with a land guardian. Although many different spirits were moved on individually, including a woman who Michelle felt got a blow to the head by her husband, a little girl and a stubborn teen, Paul and Michelle separately used Michael’s technique in order to decrease the workload in the hot sun. Marian had her first experience moving on a ghost of an old woman who was so pleased to see her, as she had been so alone, and showed her love and appreciation. Marian also moved on a teen girl in a separate area. Marian also did her first group healing as we found the cemetery tree on the other side, with hundreds of souls gathered “having a party” of sorts. One of the ghosts from the group was a priest, which Michelle moved on as he was frightened of what was going on. Refreshments at the end at a great coffee shop for a job well done!