Just driving around, CVH

Crystal and I were exploring places to do videos, so I took her on a tour of CVH, Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown CT. We saw Whiting Forensic, where the criminally insane are kept, the cemeteries, all of them, and all the buildings, most abandoned, many still in use. While going past the first of them Crystal said she could feel presences inside, so after the tour we swung back to do some ghost work. This building, abandoned and unmarked or named, sits to the West of Dutton Home.

We’d talked about setting up a separate video channel for ghost work, so Crystal set up the video and microphones for us. We couldn’t get inside so all work was done wandering outside. Both of us are psychic, and I learned that although Crystal had blocked her abilities to sense ghosts because they kept disturbing her at night, she had in fact created an on/off switch, so could turn it on at need. I’d purposely not asked her to reopen her ability in case she couldn’t close it easily, now I could ask.

We sensed ghosts inside, lots of ghosts. I picked up on how scared they were and worked first to ease their fears. But, since this was an active psych facility, there was the possibility that their minds were mis-wired and not capable of ‘regular’ thinking. So I turned to the colors to heal that first and felt their anxieties ease, while some ghosts fled to darker areas of the building where I wasn’t sending light colors.

The calmer ghosts tried to reassure the other ghosts but that didn’t work, so I just extended the colors to reach all parts, the ghosts stayed inside rather than flee to the more scary to them, outside.

Guides and Helpers came down to work with the ghosts and one-by-one they ascended.

Now came the residual darkness, the stuck energy, all those emotions had embedded into the building, that needed to be attended to and released. Of course some had become animated, so a first, I took up multiple animated energies and found places for every one of them.

Crystal said there were still some ghosts inside. I checked, found one girl who had hidden, held her hand, one of her friends came down to help and assisted her in moving on up. A young man had also hidden, I did the same for him.

Walking around the property I’d found some huge holes in the ground, what type of animal lived in them? Crystal had heard sounds behind one vented area, I’d seen a State Cop driving around, saw where he’d parked so we drove there and I told him about the noises. He checked it out, he had a key to the property! And then he returned to tell us what he’d found! There’s steam vents throughout the whole complex, still active, still being maintained, nothing to be done.