Return to Momento Mori

I’d been here on November 2019, with Christy and it had rained, so we cut it short, and left the nearby Riverside Cemetery for another day. I remembered how many kids were buried there on the edges of the cemetery, and hoped I’d gotten to them all.

Today it was Crystal and I, plus a grounds-man cutting the grass. I went straight to the edge and extended my awareness to where the kids were buried, moving on to the others buried on the edges, two Captains buried there, obviously no longer kids.

Using the Shaman’s web method, I swept up the souls remaining, except for one, that one was too firmly embedded and would take dedicated work. These souls felt like unpopped popcorn nuggets, somehow not fully aware. I took them up, apparently I was not expected as the arrival area was empty, I emptied the net and then higher spirits arrived to take care of these souls. At least I got a thank you.

The one remaining, I used healing colors, jumping ahead to blue, there’d been a respiratory problem so bad it had limited the child’s development, his brief existence focused only on breathing. Once healed, I asked him why this life? He replied, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” He’d contracted something and it had not been planned. He was capable of rising on his own and did so, a feeling of urgency, wanting to progress.

Time for coffee and cake and a chat, Crystal found The Hartford Baking Co. and we relocated, good coffee and cake.